This is a Kickstart position, find out more about the Kickstart Scheme here.

There’s no doubt that drones are changing the world and you’re fully aware of that as you’ve already worked with them and witnessed the vast opportunities they provide! Reports value the industry at £100 billion in the next five years – there’s no sector like it for growth and opportunity. You could say the right place, the right time! We’d say, great vision.

COPTRZ exists to provide market-leading commercial drone solutions to organisations. We are seeking a trainer who’s a leading light, BEST IN YOUR CLASS, delivering world-class CAA regulated drone training and advanced CPD courses.

COPTRZ wants to help young people at risk of long get into work. We are supporting the kickstart scheme and want to give a young person a chance to gain valuable work experience and support in a fast paced, exciting industry.


Our people values are G-O-L-D: 

Grow – Always learning and stretching ourselves.

Outwork– We’re relentless, resilient and think 10x.

Leverage– Always amplifying remarkable assets.

Disrupt– Inventive, ingenious and trailblazing.


Duties include:

Assisting Monthly Stock take

Receiving and checking deliveries

Assisting in organising stores and booking out/picking stock.

Organising supplier returns

Housekeeping in store room.

Collect/take post


About you:

The role is ideal for a methodical worker with great attention to detail.

Candidates need to be able to work independently and as part of a team, be self-motivated and have a “can do” attitude.

Ability to Multitask.

If you are interested in this role please speak to your Work Coach at the Job Centre. For more information on the Kickstart, scheme go to

Job details:

Based in Leeds

25 hours a week

6-month contract

Min/living wage depending on age.


How to apply

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