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How Will Pix4Dmapper Change The Way You Do Business?

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November 10, 2021


    If you’re looking to start making smarter decisions based on REAL data then it’s time to start utilising a 3D mapping software. By using software like Pix4Dmapper you can create 3D maps and models with the data from your drone. Learn about the full Pix4D software suite and how it can improve your organisation’s efficiency on our Pix4D Resource Centre

    Your one-stop shop to learning how to transform your drone images into digital twins for clients and stakeholders.


    Drones are fantastic tools for such a wide range of industries, from construction to real estate, marketing to education, agriculture to emergency services. But knowing what to do with the sheer volume of data a drone can capture can be intimidating. Creating clear visuals from drone images can take a long time, and be a complex process. Unless, of course, you use Pix4Dmapper.

    Pix4Dmapper: The Industry Standard (Whatever Industry You’re In)

    Since launching in 2011, Pix4D has become a buzzword amongst experienced engineers using drone data. The company has developed several sector-specific packages, such as the Agri version for precise agricultural applications.

    There are several reasons why Pix4D has become a leader in drone data processing:

    1) The software is adaptable to any industry – there’s no limit to the application

    2) Fast processing compared to its competitors – show clients the visuals on a faster timescale

    3) No specialist equipment is required – the software can process images from consumer-quality cameras

    4) Wide range of mapping results – Whether you need 3D point clouds, orthomosaic maps, exportable contour lines, 2D and 3D models, digital surface models or volume calculation of stockpiles… the list goes on.

    How Pix4Dmapper Software Changes Everything

    Your business may be already well advanced in using drone technology, or just starting out. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at: Pix4Dmapper will change the way you work.

    Instant workflows make it a very quick process from data capture to 3D model – meaning you can satisfy your clients much faster. The time you save by using advanced software means you’ll have more time to invest in other areas of your business – such as securing new sales.

    What’s most important to your client is the finished result. They’ve hired you, the drone specialist, to create the models and maps that are beyond their own skills. They need to see results quickly, and have instant understanding of the data you’re presenting to them.

    The maps and models available through Pix4Dmapper enable you to easily generate clear visual representations of the survey site, while 3D point clouds and textured mesh models bring ideas to life.

    Cloud Or Desktop Processing: No Need To Choose

    Whether you need to create in-the-field maps using cloud processing, or prefer full control over your data at your desktop, both options are available. There’s no need to choose, so you have full flexibility on how you operate your business, maximise your time efficiency, and work with clients the way you want to.

    The benefits of working in the cloud are clear: data can be processed automatically while you’re on-the-move to your next survey or client. You can create automatic NVDI maps for agriculture, or monitor your projects over time, easily and quickly, by using the cloud option.

    Alternatively, greater control by using the desktop application means you can filter and process exactly the data you want to use. Create multiple models and maps using the same data by manipulating what’s used – and present a range of options to your clients depending on their needs.

    The desktop application of Pix4Dmapper allows you to get into the nitty gritty of your data capture. You have access to advanced editing controls, and this is where you’re going to need some guidance if you want to make the most of the software available to you.

    Pix4D: Introduction to 3D Mapping

    Pix4D is the leading UAV photogrammetry software, specifically designed for users who want to make 3D maps and point clouds from data captured during a drone flight.

    The COPTRZ 1-day Pix4D training workshop aims to give you an overview of Pix4D and how to use the software to give you the data output that you require. The workshop is ideal for those with no previous experience using the software.

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