Why planning ahead for concert aerial attacks is crucial

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May 28, 2018


Security is the most crucial consideration for any event organiser in the modern age. Theft, violence and drunkenness are all common security threats faced by event planners at public gatherings, which are traditionally tackled by on-site security teams.

However, with the rapid emergence of UAVs, security teams are being forced to consider threats not just at ground level, but those posed by aerial and drone attacks too. With aerial threats of this nature and risks from terrorist attacks now becoming more prevalent, it is more crucial than ever that event organisers create a thorough risk assessment plan. Allowing them to mitigate the dangers, and ultimately keep members of the public safe.

Creating a risk assessment plan

In order to create an effective plan, event planners must first identify which category their potential risk falls into. Inherent Risk can be defined as the level of risk that is already present and can be reduced by introducing countermeasures, such as CCTV. While Residual Risk is recognised as the level of risk that is present after security measures have been introduced.

Once this has been identified, organisers are then in a stronger position to prepare. Preparing for both the likelihood of individual threats and their potential consequences is crucial.

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Planning for an attack

Drones and unmanned aerial devices have become commonplace. Many people now use them routinely to further their commercial and business purposes. Many consumers utilise these aerial devices for entirely innocent purposes.There is however a growing concern surrounding their potential for manipulation.

If UAVs are abused with a criminal intent, they could pose a significant security risk to guests at outdoor public events. Simply, they can have catastrophic consequences.

Types of threat

Drones are incredibly versatile, lightweight, and can travel at a fast speed. This meaning they could be manipulated to carry out a number of security threats against an event.

However, in recent years, one of the most worrying scenarios has surrounded their use by terrorists. Experts have suggested that UAVs could easily be adapted to carry payloads containing harmful chemicals, toxins and even explosives. If deployed against a crowd in this way, it would have devastating consequences for members of the public.

As a result of their unpredictable nature and high-risk factor, security experts have now labelled them as a potential terrorist threat. They are now exploring countermeasures to mitigate their impact.

Another alarming use of UAVs is by those seeking to bypass security measures in order to take weapons into events. While metal detectors and security teams reduce the likelihood of guns or knives entering a concert, an aerial device can quite easily circumvent these barriers and deliver a weapon to its recipient.

Finally, the surveillance capabilities of drones in relaying vital event security information is creating growing concern among the security community.

With their ability to fly great distances in a relatively short amount of time over an open-air event, and record images and video as they do so, UAVs could have vast detrimental implications for event security.

Those receiving the drone’s images could track the movement of on-site security teams. They can also note the position of CCTV cameras. Ultimately they can identify security weaknesses which could assist them in targeting the event.

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Fighting back against threats

Event organisers looking to mitigate the risk of a possible drone or aerial attack can fight back by employing the use of numerous detection devices.

By utilising drone detection systems and drone mitigation systems they will have the power to identify the threat posed through UAVs. This aides them in detecting, locating and tracking the movements of the device.

Drones can also now be tracked up to 12.5 miles away. All thanks to the purpose-built detection system AeroScope, which has been launched by DJI. When it comes to planning ahead for event security, organisers must stay one step ahead of technology. Particularly seen as the threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

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