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Why does your company need drone detection systems?

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June 11, 2018


    Once the niche of exclusive security officials and secret government surveillance, drones have now become an everyday occurrence. This has a number of benefits, such as stunning aerial photography and a wealth of opportunities for increased data gathering.

    With these benefits, however, are risks. Drones are being more discreet than ever, and have the risk of causing damage to your business. They’re obtaining data or intelligence which you would prefer not to leak or reveal.

    Thankfully, as quickly as technology has advanced, drone detection systems have also increased. This allows you to prevent issues before they arise. Here are the top five reasons for using drone detection systems:

    1. Prevent sensitive data being leaked

    Drones have the potential to be bugged with microphones or audio recording equipment. This means that as they become smaller and less visible. There is a risk they could be used to infiltrate your environment and record data. The data could then be harmful to the business, employers or reputations.

    Drone detection systems will help you to intercept drones before they enter. Preventing this issue from occurring prior to the risk.

    2. Protect passwords

    Drones are mostly known for taking images and videos. They do however have an additional feature which many people may be unaware of: password logging. A drone above an office has the potential to record the keystrokes pressed as you type a password. This potentially gives access to important passwords to files and sensitive data.

    Drone detection systems can warn you if a drone is approaching or hanging around the building. This gives you a heads up and the chance to take action to protect your passwords.

    3. Photographs in sensitive areas

    One of the key advantages of drones is their ability to produce stunning photographs and aerial views, but this can also act as one of their key downfalls. In every corporation, restricted areas exist, to which access is confined to a small amount of screened employees.

    Activities or objects carried out or contained in these areas are at risk of being photographed and disturbed by those with unscrupulous intentions, this can prove a serious breach of security for the company or business.

    Drones can be very small and hard to detect, allowing them to access these areas and record information from all angles. Drone detection systems allow you to be forewarned, take any necessary security procedures and inform the FAA.

    4. Keep meetings and minutes secret

    Imagine if your biggest competitor had a front row seat to your biggest meetings, breakthrough ideas and top secrets? Would you invite them in to access all areas of your most important initiatives? Unlikely, but with drone technology, it is perfectly possible.

    Drones can contain remote-controlled cameras, which can live stream important events directly to your rivals, therefore giving them an inside advantage into any proposals you may have. Before you know it, a rival product has hit the market, and you have lost a profit.

    Anti-drone systems can tell you a number of things, such as, who is controlling the drone, protecting your business and allowing you to gain evidence in the event of this happening.

    5. Make criminals lives harder

    Drones allow criminals with the correct equipment to plan the ideal heist down to the last detail through accessing aerial shots, audio recordings, CCTV, passcodes and security locations. You may as well unlock the doors and invite them in! Drone detection systems allow you to stay a step ahead and protect your company.


    Protecting your business’ assets is one of the key ways of making a business run as smoothly as possible. It’s important to recognise the threat that the rise of drone technology poses to your business.

    Drones when used correctly and legally are incredibly useful pieces of technology. Sometimes, unfortunately, they can be used for negative purposes. This does sadly put a shadow over the industry on occasions.

    By investing in drone detection systems such as AeroScope, you can pretty much guarantee you will, in large, keep your companies private information safe. Give yourself peace of mind, and focus on more important elements of your business!

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