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When and why to upgrade your commercial drone

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July 9, 2018


    Like all modern technology, drones are improving at an incredibly rapid pace. The commercial drones available in 2018 are much more advanced compared to the industry-leading drones from just 1 or 2 years ago. As such, it could well be the perfect time to trade in your existing drone for a much more feature-packed model. But how do you know if it is truly the right time?

    Reasons for upgrading your commercial drone?

    Your exact reasons for upgrading your drone could be much different to others. However, here are 5 of the most common reasons for business owners to seek out a newer model.

    1. Get more done

    One of the biggest things holding back older models of drones are their short battery lives. If a drone can only last for 10 minutes, then this vastly limits the amount of footage or data you can record before needing to bring it back in to recharge. It also limits the range in which you can cover in any given period of time.

    2. Access higher quality footage

    You will also need to consider whether the footage you are receiving is really up to scratch. It is not just the drones themselves that have seen vast improvements recently, but also the cameras. 4K footage is a standard feature you should expect; as well as enhanced stability when recording.

    3. To overcome glitches and minor problems

    It is natural that all new technology will eventually start to experience technical problems. It could be that the rotors don’t spin as freely or that it fails to charge as quickly as it once did. For whatever reason, simply upgrading your drone will do away with such issues.

    4. Make the most of modern drone accessories

    Of course, drone accessories are also undergoing constant development, and many are only adaptable to the latest models of drone. Largely because smaller, older drones don’t have the power to fly advanced accessories for long distances.

    5. Save time

    Ultimately, all of the above points allow you to save the most important resource of all … time! By accessing higher quality footage right away, and drastically boosting your flight time, you can save hours a day and start reaping the financial benefits this enables for your business.

    DJI M210 Price

    The best solutions currently available

    For a few years now, DJI has been the leading drone manufacturer anywhere in the world. Yes, a few other brands can offer up high spec alternatives, but no one compares to DJI when you look at their entire range of high end, affordable drones for both commercial and recreational purposes. They even have the industry-leading drone detection system as well!

    So it’s only natural that we would recommend their Matrice 200 Series as the go-to choice for those businesses looking to upgrade their commercial drone. The Matrice 200 Series includes the Matrice 200, Matrice 210 and Matrice 210 RTK. Together, these 3 drones offer up the perfect solution for all kinds of commercial application, including for construction, wind turbine inspection, firefighting, agricultural surveying and even Search & Rescue missions.

    Benefits of the DJI Matrice 200 Series

    • Each drone has a dual battery system. This allows you to quickly increase the amount of flight time your drone has and to reduce any unwanted risks of them running out of charge mid-flight.
    • The drones can all be folded down into a more convenient size for transportation.
    • Setting up the DJI Matrice 200 and Matrice 210 takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require a high level of technical experience. In comparison, many industrial drones take far longer to put together and get flight ready.
    • You can carry payloads which weigh up to 2.3kg if you are using the dual battery system.
    • Each drone comes fitted with Intelligent Flight Features. These include Spotlight, ActiveTrack and Point of Interest. Each one allows you to focus in on target objects and to then fly with greater levels of stability to ensure better quality sound and video recording capabilities.

    DJI Matrice 210 RTK

    Is it the right time for your business to upgrade?

    Ultimately, deciding whether or not it’s time to upgrade your commercial drone is a decision you’ll need to make yourself. If you feel frustrated with your existing drone and find that the battery life is completely inadequate and the video footage is not what you’d expect, then perhaps it is time. The DJI Matrice Series really is exceptional and can be adapted for the uses of businesses across all industries.

    Here at COPTRZ, we are specialists in commercial drones and are happy to help businesses anywhere in the UK to find a solution that is perfect for them. To find about more about the Matrice Series and to discuss your needs in greater depth, simply get in contact with our team today.

    Take your drone business to the next level

    COPTRZ are committed to providing you with the best possible drone solution for your business. That’s why during the month of July when you purchase your M200 Series from COPTRZ you’ll also receive over £3000 worth of added extras.

    Contact us here at COPTRZ. Alternatively, call our friendly team on 0330 111 7177 to discuss your drone detection needs. Or, you can contact us via email at if you’d prefer.

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