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A Message From Our Managing Director – Coptrz Academy

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March 25, 2020


    In early March 2020, the world changed forever. All our lives have been disrupted by the coronavirus. Everyone needs to adapt to new ways of working and learning, not least in drone training.

    Traditional classroom courses in the current climate are not safe. Traditional online learning can be lonely, uninspiring and de-motivating. You shouldn’t feel like you, or your team have to compromise on the quality of your training, and at Coptrz you never will.

    You and your customers have already realised that drones make your operations faster, safer and better.  And you’ve invested a lot of money to adopt drones into your operations.  But we know that a huge number of you are concerned that the drawbacks of traditional online learning will leave skill gaps that prevent you from unlocking this huge potential.

    COPTRZ ACADEMY redefines online drone training in a world that has changed. Bringing you from the physical classroom to the virtual classroom, in a way that’s safe, supportive and effective. It uniquely has all the benefits of both classroom and online training with none of the drawbacks. The best of both worlds.

    COPTRZ ACADEMY is a CONTINUAL LEARNING PLATFORM enabling industry professionals to continually develop and grow within a cloud-based ecosystem.  Each week new resources including masterclasses, webinars, live videos and interactive content will be delivered to you by industry experts from around the world.

    Take your PfCO drone pilot course and exams online, progress to the advanced OFQUAL 5 Chief Pilots qualifications, take specialised online courses and draw on unique resources through a virtual classroom based environment.  If you’re a member of the armed forces you can uniquely access Enhanced Learning Credits through ELCAS for both of these courses.

    Large numbers of drone industry professionals are now signing up to the OFQUAL certification to get a qualification organisations recognise, respect, and benchmark staff and contractors by.  Don’t miss out on that contract or job because you didn’t make yourself stand out.

    COPTRZ ACADEMY will be with you every step of the way through your lifetime learning journey.  And, just as technology develops further into new exciting fields like Virtual Reality learning, we will also continue to develop and grow the platforms capabilities.

    Coptrz have already helped over 1,000 organisations adopt drone technology into their business as a 360 solution provider, and we’ve trained over 1,000’s of pilots to take to the skies with confidence.

    We can’t wait for you to join us in the COPTRZ Academy.

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    Steve Coulson
    Managing Director





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