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Coptrz Defence shows out at UK’s First Battle Lab demo

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August 4, 2021


    Coptrz assisted Brigantes and the British Army in hosting the inaugural UAS Solutions (Unmanned Aircraft System) event at Battle Lab. Over 15 brands presented their range of products to 100 visitors.

    About the Event

    The event aimed to create a unique opportunity for the visitors to learn about the wide range of companies within the drone industry.

    Held at Dorset Innovation Park, over 100 members from the Ministry of Defence attended to gain a greater understanding of how the products on show can work seamlessly together to create a complete solution and bring vital elements to the battle space. We had industry-leading innovators from around the world, including Parrot, Anduril, Typhon and 4GD.

    Want to find out more about how drones can aid your organisation, head over to our brand new COPTRZ Defence Webpage!


    About the Brands


    Brigantes originates from the UK outdoor industry, bringing with it the principles of openness, technical expertise and ethical business.

    An off shoot of a long standing family business, with over forty years of experience building and selling outdoor brands across the globe, Brigantes was conceived to bridge the gap between the Outdoor and Defence industries in order to provide the best equipment and advice possible to the men and women in our armed forces.

    2 soldiers holding their weapons

    Starting in January 2014 Brigantes quickly used its connections and position to build a strong portfolio of brands that wished to engage with the military. This has now grown to a substantial collection of companies who have hugely benefited from the sales achieved through Brigantes’ sales efforts and contracts.

    Having achieved incredible growth every year to date Brigantes trades right across the globe but has a continued focus to the UK and Europe.


    A French company founded in 2014, Parrot have been developing quick response, short-range recon drones for Defence and Emergency Service markets ever since.

    Parrot CEO presenting products at Battle Lab event

    Parrot focus on security and data quality with their sUAS range, as well as compatibility with various mapping & mission planning software.

    Their latest model, the Parrot Anafi USA SE, was specifically designed for Defence. Easily portable with high quality RGB and thermal imaging cameras, the Parrot Anafi USA Security Edition is the quietest drone in its class, and is also flyable in under 55 seconds.


    Based in Belgium, Sky-Hero lead the market in the field of next-gen indoor flying cameras. With a rich history of providing equipment for police officers and soldiers, their products supply immediate capabilities to detect, reduce and clear threats in complex terrain such as dense urban areas, confined spaces and underground passages.

    Sky-Hero Loki 2 drone

    The Loki mk2 is a completely GPS denied tactical drone that operates without any need for internet connection. It can be used as a sentry for video or audio for up to 3 hours when stationary and a pilot can operate up-to 4 drones from a single controller.

    Want to find out how the Loki 2 has single-handedly revolutionised tactical operations – Why not read our blog?



    Typhon are a UK based company with a focus on creating non-lethal, reloadable distraction devices. Their mission is simple, provide unrivalled products that negate the risks associated with conventional pyrotechnic devices.

    Phil Wright presenting at Typhon distraction stand

    The Typhon DS-100 distraction payload is fully integrated into the Sky-Hero LOKI MK2 platform. The GCS software allows for an operator to choose between single event or burst initiation of the Typhon distraction cartridge, providing maximum operational flexibility.


    Headquarted in Switzerland, Wingtra is the biggest producer of VTOL drones in the world. With a large focus on mapping, Wingtra have made a name for themselves for their speed and efficiency.

    WingtraOne PPK VTOL in flight

    The WingtraOne PPK VTOL can map 10-14x faster than a quadcopter and unlike other fixed wing drones, it is able take off vertically like a helicopter, removing the need for hand launch or catapults. Once in the air, it flies like a regular fixed wing aircraft, with flight times of up to 55 minutes.


    Pix4D have been providing software solutions for professional drone-based mapping since they were founded in 2011. Developed from years of scientific research, Pix4D software uses images taken by hand, drone, or plane and creates customizable results that complement a wide range of applications and software.

    3d map taken by Pix4Dmapper

    Pix4Dreact is a simple 2D software that allows users to obtain the rapid and reliable situational awareness needed for quick decisions in the field. On the other hand, Pix4Dmapper is useful for planning or evaluating missions, using 3D reconstructions of the environment to visually verify and improve accuracy.

    Planck Aero

    Based in San Diego, CA, Planck Aero was founded in 2014 by a US Navy helicopter pilot with the vision of making unmanned aviation simpler & safer. Planck believe that personnel should focus on high impact tasks, not flying an aircraft.

    Their minimal hardware is built onboard the UAV device, offering autonomous tethered or untethered flights, with no calibration required.

    Boat travelling through the ocean

    Aircrafts can operate with a push of a button from trucks, ships, unmanned vehicles, confined spaces, and fixed locations.

    Much more than a positioning system, Planck ACE is a full-fledged control system that adapts to the conditions and motion of the host platform, replicating the actions that would be performed by a highly skilled pilot.

    With more than a century of history, Doosan is a global leading player in the UAV field, using their fuel cell technology to create some of world’s most extensive drone batteries and devices.
    Their aim is to enable reliable long-endurance flight that accelerates the growth of the UAV industry.
    Doosan drone flying over ocean
    The new DS30 UAV has become the world’s first mass manufactured hydrogen cell drone. This drone is excellent for delivering supplies to remote areas due to it 20 minute flight time and 5kg maximum payload.

    An American company that provides both hardware and software for Security and Defence purposes. All Anduril products operate off the back of their Lattice AI software, that collates real-time data into a single-autonomous operating picture.

    This results in unrivalled, real-time situational awareness, so that human operators can respond instantly and accurately with the best information possible.

    Anduril Ghost 4 Drone on Grass at Battle Lab Event

    Anduril products range from rapidly deploying sentries that are sustainable with minimal maintenance in austere condition, to their own military specialised drone, the Ghost 4 sUAS VTOL. This drone boasts high payload capacity, near-silent acoustic signature with fully watertight functionality.


    Founded in 2009 in Switzerland, senseFly is the commercial drone subsidiary of Parrot group. Their mission is to make work safer and more efficient through proven drone solutions that simplify the collection and analysis of geospatial data.

    sensefly ebee x drone held by man

    The end result is for the user to be able to make better decisions, faster.

    Their flagship drone is the eBee X, a lightweight & hand launched VTOL designed for all mapping missions. Built to reduce downtime and cost, you can swap out the damaged parts as needed. The VTOL is also light rain resistance and compatible with Pix4D mapper.


    2iC’s unique software layer liberates human capability in the battlespace by digitally automating the exchange of mission-critical and actionable information between commanders, operators and equipment across land, sea and air.

    2ic control device

    Designed for the very leanest of digital conditions in the modern battlespace, 2iC’s software delivers two-way communications in environments with low-power computing, low-bandwidth connections, physical landscape challenges or interrupted communications. It effectively delivers the benefits of IoT (the Internet of Things) when there is no viable internet.

    The 2iC interoperability software layer sits discreetly on any number of military platforms, systems or devices (trusted and untrusted).


    4GD are redefining the future of immersive close-combat training. At the heart of this is the drive to achieve operational excellence through immersive, realistic and flexible facilities.

    Their mission is ensuring that your training is as true to operations as possible, whilst supporting you in meeting the demand of modern conflict. 4GD Tent at Battle labs event

    The vision is to increase the quality of training and deliver high-quality systems that allow you to: make targeted improvement in your team and individual performance; enhance your ability to respond to various complex situations; and build battle-winning performance through a blend of virtual and real environments.


    UAVTEK are a UK sovreign, veteran owned manufacturer of unmanned for military and defence markets. They pride themselves on their ability to develop UAVs that go faster, fly longer, weigh less and carry more.

    Their UAVs include the 200g Nano BUG, a UAV with low visual profile and boasts capability in windy conditions of up to 45 knots. Built with real world situations in mind, UAVTEK promise that weather will never prevent you from deploying your nano UAV.

    Man hold UAVTEK BUG

    Evolve Dynamics

    Evolve Dynamics are the designer, developer and manufacturer of mission-specific UAV, RPAS, drone and payload systems for ISTAR  (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance).


    The Sky Mantis all weather long endurance UAV is now widely deployed with UK and international Police Forces, Fire Services, Energy inspection, Search & Rescue organisations and UK MoD (Ministry of Defence) customers.

    evolve dynamics staff

    If you would like to learn more about the brands mentioned about, contact our Defence business development manger – Sam Denniff!



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