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Using the DJI Mavic Pro as a commercial enterprise drone

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April 11, 2018


    The DJI Mavic Pro started out as one of the finest hobbyist drones on the market. It has since become an incredibly popular drone for commercial enterprises. This blog takes you through why the Mavic Pro would be ideal for your business.

    The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet extremely powerful drone. It features increased endurance and impressively quiet motors. It is capable of capturing high-quality footage up to 4K resolution. It’s ideal for commercial operations, as well as also being a great choice for hobbyists.

    The latest DJI Mavic Pro Platinum features a new and improved 30-minute flight time, as well as 60% noise power reduction. It is easily DJI’s most portable drone yet, so is ideal for commercial enterprises looking for a convenient drone.

    Key Features:

    Why would you use a Mavic Pro for your business?

    The high-quality 4K footage allows you to have excellent quality footage, up there with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The aircraft noise has been reduced by 4dB, which is a 60% noise reduction, making it a quieter and more enjoyable flying experience. You can also take impressive photos from a high altitude, ideal for architectural businesses. The Mavic’s 12MP camera allows you to take clear photos from high up above.

    The Mavic also uses a FlightAutonomy system, allowing it to sense obstacles up to 49ft (15m) away. This allows it to bypass them or hover above, thus reducing accidents and making it suitable for those new to drone flying.

    No matter what sector your business is in, the Mavic Pro can provide something for you. It can move seamlessly and quietly around residential areas allowing for a limited amount of noise pollution. The excellent quality of footage means you can capture some incredibly impressive images.

    It’s powerful, high-efficiency motors keep it flying for a maximum flight time of 27 minutes and can reach up to 8 miles (13km), pretty impressive! The satellite positioning allows it to seamlessly navigate indoors or in places without GPS. Without this feature, the Mavic would not be able to position itself and would become susceptible to drifting.

    COPTRZ TV – DJI Mavic Pro for Commercial Operations

    Our man David Johnson takes you through why the Mavic Pro is ideal for commercial operations.


    If you’re looking for the highest quality footage then this is not the answer for you, you want to be looking at either the Inspire 2 or the Phantom 4 Pro.

    The Mavic Pro, however, is a fantastic drone to start your business with. If you’re one of the following business’, the Mavic Pro would seriously benefit be well suited to you:

    • Emergency Services
    • Landscaping/Real Estate
    • Photo/Videographers
    • Basic Surveying

    If you’re in the real estate or landscaping market then this drone will be ideal for you and your business. One of the main benefits of the Mavic Pro is the speed it can be set up. This majorly benefits the speed you can capture the images you need. If you have a need for quick photos that still maintain a level of quality, then this is the drone for you.

    It’s ideal for police forces and other emergency services as it’s incredibly quick and very easy to get in the air. Thus, not delaying operations and working seamlessly as a secondary drone as part of a fleet.

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