Using the DJI Mavic as a Training Platform for the Police

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May 8, 2018


For UK police forces, drone technology is now non-negotiable. Keeping drones out of the wrong hands and the wrong places is certainly a consideration, but drone technology also gives the police many advantages in their fight against crime.

There is a range of police activities which drones are helping with, from taking photographs of crime scenes, to investigations in rural areas and searching for missing individuals.

So what kind of drone have UK police forces been turning to? The answer is one which can navigate high winds, as well as provide the option of high-quality live transmission and 4K video. One model which the police are favouring, particularly for training and proof of concept, is the DJI Mavic – in this blog we look at why.

Pure Simplicity

When it comes to training operators of unmanned aircraft, naturally it can be best to start with the basics. What the DJI Mavic provides is a drone which is easy to fly, making it the perfect training module.

This allows police trainees to start off on the right foot and gain confidence as operators, teaching them the fundamentals of flying a drone, without any unnecessary complexities.


The DJI Mavic is a drone at the accessible end of the market in terms of pricing. What that means for police forces purchasing the DJI Mavic Pro or DJI Mavic Air is that they can represent a healthy return on their investment.

Here at COPTRZ, we make purchasing the DJI Mavic even easier by offering drone finance options, including a 0% interest package. Or for those that want to try out the DJI Mavic on a short-term basis, there is the alternative option of renting the drone.

It gets around

Police forces would typically need to fly the DJI Mavic from a number of locations, and its modest dimensions mean that it is easily transportable in the boot of a police car. For forces which cover a large area or county, the portability offered by the DJI Mavic counts for a lot.

Built for the long haul

Not only does the DJI Mavic provide a long working life, standing up to frequent use; but it also attracts police forces due to the low cost of its spare parts and servicing. That means that when it does need a check-up or replacement part, this can be facilitated without breaking the bank.

Hanging in the skies

Where many advanced technology drones can fall short is their hang time – the number of minutes it can fly for. The DJI Mavic comes up trumps in this regard, with a maximum flying time of 27 minutes – impressive for a drone in its class.

It is also noted for its ability to offer discretion. That means a low noise level which can be important to police when undergoing filming when they don’t want to attract attention.

All in all, it is easy to see why the DJI Mavic has become a favourite of the force, despite it originally being marketed as a hobbyist platform. Its performance, value and pure simplicity mean it is perfect to train the next generation of public safety drone operators.

Read more: UK Police Take to the Skies with DJI Drones.

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