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Upgrade your DJI Matrice 300: TB65 Battery Compatibility

DJI M350 and M300 with TB65 intelligent flight batteries

Last updated on

June 15, 2023


    Upgrade your M300 with this

    In the dynamic world of drones, the DJI M300 RTK has consistently proven itself as a reliable choice for both enthusiasts and professionals. However, there’s an exciting development that will further enhance its performance. This comes in the form of the TB65 Intelligent Flight Battery, a new addition to the DJI family, launched alongside the flagship DJI M350 RTK update. The best part? This battery is compatible with both the M300 and M350 drones. This means M300 owners can experience the benefits of the latest technology, even if they’re not quite ready to upgrade to the M350 drone yet.

    Comparison between the TB60 battery and the TB65 battery

    The TB65 battery is an enhanced and upgraded version of the TB60 battery. It incorporates high-performance, high-energy cells and can be charged up to 400 cycles, which is double the TB60’s battery cycle of just 200. This makes it a more efficient and reliable power source for your drone. Additionally, it has enhanced heat dissipation performance and an auto-heating system. It’s important to note that operators must not mix TB65 and TB60 batteries during flight.

    TB65 compatible with both M300 and M350

    The TB65 Intelligent Flight Battery is fully compatible with both the DJI M350 RTK and DJI M300 RTK drones. Whether you’re an owner of the M300 looking to upgrade your drone’s performance, or a M350 user seeking a reliable power source, the TB65 battery is a suitable choice. When using the battery with the M300 RTK, please ensure that all relevant firmware has been updated to guarantee compatibility and optimal performance.

    Why buying the TB65 intelligent flight battery will upgrade your DJI M300 RTK

    Investing in the TB65 Intelligent Flight Battery is a smart move for any DJI M300 RTK drone owner. Not only does it offer improved performance and reliability, but it also extends the service life of your drone. The TB65 battery has three ways to calculate its service life: 12 months, 400 cycles, and 120 days of high-power storage, with the final service life depending on which comes first. This means you can enjoy longer, more efficient flights with your M300 drone.
    In conclusion, the TB65 Intelligent Flight Battery is a worthwhile investment for any DJI M300 or M350 drone owner. Its compatibility with both drones, improved performance, and extended service life make it a valuable addition to your drone accessories.

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