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Universities access training for the next generation of safe and responsible drone pilots

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January 2, 2019


    Universities across the UK are unlocking the potential of the drone industry for their students by partnering with Commercial Drone Experts COPTRZ to provide bespoke training courses. These courses are providing students with learnings about topics such as airspace and air law, navigation, meteorology, safe setup and risk assessment. The Drone training courses have provided students with a contemporary technology education, not typically part of a traditional University course.

    Professor Rob Richardson, Director of the Institute for Design, Robotics and Optimisation at the University of Leeds, said: “Giving our students the knowledge of how to fly drones safely and within regulations is an essential part of their development, alongside the research-based learning and lab experience they need to design and build their own innovative systems. Bringing their skills and learning together by working with companies like COPTRZ means our students are ideally placed to become effective employees after graduation.”

    This training also provides the students with the knowledge they need to ensure that the next generation of drone pilots fly responsibly, and within the air laws that have been set by the Civil Aviation Authority. This has particularly come into light recently following the incident at Gatwick Airport. COPTRZ are ensuring students have all the necessary information required to ensure a safe future for all who take to the skies.

    Malcolm Duncan (Subject Leader for Geospatial Engineering at the University of Bolton), said “The students have enjoyed the course and particularly the flying demonstration together with the hands-on application of the data processing software Pix4D, in producing the 3D imagery and volumetrics determination, which gave added value to the student learning process”.

    Steve Coulson, Founder and Managing Director at COPTRZ, explains: “It’s great to see Universities and colleges providing their students with new teaching and learnings, and allowing them to unlock the potential that this current and modern technology has. It also offers hope for the future that the next generation of drone pilots will ensure the respect of the industry remains intact, showing businesses the true worth that drones offer them.”

    COPTRZ are already working with the University of Leeds, the University of Glasgow, the University of Hull and the University of Cardiff to name a few. COPTRZ have trained over 1000 students and are a CAA NQE approved training provider. COPTRZ also provides OFQUAL Level 4 certification alongside our PfCO. Level 4 qualifications are at a level equivalent to a Certificate of Higher Education.


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