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The 9 Things You Want To Know About Coptrz Academy

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April 7, 2020


    With the launch of Coptrz Academy earlier this month many of you have been asking questions as to how our new platform will help you to learn and progress. Here’s our head of training Daniel Wilson to tell you 9 things you want to know about Coptrz Academy;

    How are you delivering your courses now they’re online?

    Coptrz Academy is a unique mix of online modules to study in your own time and a live virtual classroom where each subject module is reviewed by our trainer. A Q&A session follows each module to ensure you’re understanding. This learning combination provides all the best aspects of physical and remote classrooms without the drawbacks.


    What if I require extra assistance during the course?

    Specific virtual classroom course modules will be led by a live trainer. General Q&A summary sessions will be held at the end of modules and if you still have any further queries you will be able to contact your trainer directly through WhatsApp or email throughout the duration of the course.


    How will I sit my Flight Assessment?

    This is specific to the PfCO (soon to be GVC) and not the CPD courses such as OFQUAL 5 qualifications. The flight tests will be carried out when restrictions are lifted and if social distancing is still in-place we have procedures to accommodate this. We run our flight assessments all across the country so that you can choose the most convenient location for you.


    How long will it take me to complete my training online?

    The beauty of the Academy is that you can learn in your own time in a manner that suits you. The online modules can be completed at any time and submitted by review. Virtual classroom sessions will be run daily, allowing you to select a suitable time slot. You could complete your training in a matter of days or weeks.


    What other courses are there through Coptrz Academy?

    We have a full library of content and courses that will help you progress as a pilot and operator.  In April we will be adding OFQUAL 5 Commercial Drone Operations for Chief Pilots with 3D Mapping, Thermography, Surveying with Drones and Photography courses to the stable.

    I don’t live in the UK, can I still join the Academy?

    Coptrz Academy allows you to learn free of the traditional constraints of Geography. As long as you have an internet connection you will be able to reap all the rewards of our learning resource.


    What is the OFQUAL5 Chief Drone Pilot course?

    OFQUAL 5 is the next progression from your PfCO training. The Chief Pilot’s course will allow you to ascend to a management position within the commercial drone sector. Following the methodology of manned aviation standards going into greater depth to give you an even greater understanding of all aspects of aerial operations. It covers a wealth of essential topics, from mission planning, airspace management and risk awareness, to running UAV teams and applying flight theory to practical application such as image acquisition and data processing in fields such as thermography, surveying and inspections. Our Chief Pilot’s Course is the only OFQUAL recognised drone training scheme and is recognised internationally. A Chief Pilot qualification will allow you to stand out in the crowd and give your business the best chance to win those contracts.


    I’m not wanting to train to be a commercial drone pilot, can I still join the Academy?

    Of Course! There’s so much more in the way of courses and resources than just the commercial drone pilot course. Whether you’re a seasoned drone pro or just at the beginning of your drone journey Coptrz Academy will have something for you. We will have weekly webinars from drone experts from across the world. Drone specific learning direct from the manufacturer and detailed case studies on how Drones can change your life.

    What happens when the regulations change?

    Your PfCO is valid from the date of issue to the day it expires. It will still be recognised and relevant when the legislation comes into effect. You can continue to renew and retain the benefits of the PfCO. If you book with us before 17th April we will also provide you with a free A2 CoFC certificate.


    Now all your queries have been answered it’s time to join thousands of other drone professionals across the world and sign up to Coptrz Academy. Membership will only be free for the next three months – Don’t delay your career progression, sign up here.



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