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Top 5 Reasons to Choose COPTRZ as your Commercial Drone Partner

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July 5, 2018


    COPTRZ are recognised as the leading commercial drone solution provider in the UK. But that doesn’t mean we are happy to rest on our laurels – we are committed to continually raising the bar in the commercial drone market.

    So far, we have provided the wide-ranging benefits of drone technology to over 1,000 businesses. With the use of unmanned aerial vehicles continuing to increase in the UK. We expect our customer base to grow even further. So why should you choose us as your drone solution provider? In this blog, we give you five good reasons to consider.

    1. Our commitment to providing the best commercial solutions

    From emergency services around the country to agriculture firms, media organisations and construction companies – we work with commercial clients across a huge range of sectors to ensure that they get the most out of drone technology.

    That doesn’t just apply to the sale of an industry-leading selection of drones featuring the best brands and latest innovations. It also refers to the comprehensive training we provide to our clients. It also includes the provision of the best software for drone flight management and detection and the expert consultancy which we are always happy to provide to our commercial clients.

    We see ourselves as much more than a ‘drone supplier’. We are determined to help the development of drone technologies in a wide cross-section of industries, in partnership with our clients.

    Commercial Drone Training

    2. 0% finance

    We realise that budgetary factors will always play an influential role in the decisions our customers make when it comes to the best drone solution for them. For this reason, we do everything which we can to make purchasing a drone solution as accessible as possible. Our drone finance offer of 0% interest allows you to purchase the drone you want, and begin training as soon as possible.

    You will be safe in the knowledge that you aren’t paying more than you would if you paid the full fee up front. The offer stands for any drone, software package, payload or drone solution – we understand the importance of financial flexibility!

    3. £2000 training voucher offer with Matrice 200 series offer

    In addition to our drone finance options, we also create special offers and deals which add value to COPTRZ solutions. Available right now is a £2000 training voucher. You can use this when you purchase from the Matrice series of drones which are produced by leading manufacturer DJI.

    This range includes the M210, which has been credited with revolutionising the drone market. You’ll be able to up the efficiency of your drone use thanks to a rugged, hard-wearing design, and significant payload potential. There are also advantages for the operator, including a dual gimbal which enables the capture of two data sources. And with our special voucher, you can ensure that your staff are up to speed on all aspects of operating the M210.

    4. Unrivalled drone detection support

    With the increase of UAVs in the skies has come the responsibility to deal with the potential threat of unknown drones in the airspace. This need is especially pertinent for airports, police and prison services. COPTRZ is trusted as the leading provider of drone detection services which can put site managers back in control of the airspace above their area.

    Today’s drone detection solutions allow the quick and accurate identification of drones which enter an airspace. Also, data such as the model of drone, its trajectory and the location of its operator on the ground. These are vital solutions which can ensure the safety of secure sites. In some cases apprehend those who are intent on using drones with malicious intent. COPTRZ can guide you in the best drone detection solution for your organisation.

    5. Outstanding customer service

    COPTRZ is a business which is built on putting the customer first. Nowhere is this embodied more than in our customer service team. Whether you want to apply for a drone finance package, have specific questions about the content of our training programmes, or require a no-obligation consultancy on how you can use drone technology to benefit your company, our friendly team of representatives is always happy to help.

    You can call us on 0330 111 7177, or alternatively email us at We are dedicated to providing all our customers with the best service. Whether you are considering investing in a drone solution for the first time, or are in the process of adding to your fleet.

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