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Super Deduct the Price of Your Drone

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January 27, 2023

So, you’ve seen how drone technology has revolutionised various industries, and now you want to buy one?

Let us explain how you can introduce drones into your workflow for cheap by utilising finance solutions such as super- deduction.

Super Deduction

The super deduction was introduced by the government in April 2021 as a scheme to support UK businesses post-COVID-19, and to encourage them to invest in growth. Super-deduction allows companies paying corporation tax to deduct up to 130% of the cost of new assets from their taxable profits.

Not only do our drones and equipment qualify for super-deduction, but we offer a wide range of solutions that you’ll be able to spread the cost of through finance.

How does it work?

The figures below are based on representative examples.

If you would like to take advantage of the super-deduction before the 31st March 2023 deadline, get in touch!

Days left to claim

We have finance options available through our partner, Bluestone Leasing.





Need some inspiration? Here’s a few of our current recommendations


The EVO Max 3T is a smart and innovative flight platform with advanced tools for industry and first responders. EVO Max 4T’s real-time 3D flight pathways avoid obstacles for unrivalled obstacle avoidance. Advanced sensors allow flight in GPS-unavailable locations, and the fantastic thermal payload opens new object recognition and tracking possibilities. The folding, weatherproof EVO Max 4T is as powerful as it is portable.




The Mavic 3 Enterprise’s powerful imaging and 45-minute flight time make it ideal for lengthy missions. Redefining the industry standards for small commercial drones, the M3E is ideal for both novice and experienced pilots. Integrate a choice of accessories to strengthen operations, including an RTK Module for improved georeferencing accuracy and a high-volume loudspeaker for public safety and search-and-rescue missions.

We even have discounted business starter packages to get you up in the air!




A thermal version is available for firefighting, search and rescue, inspection, and night operations. Thermal insights include point and areas temperature, high temperature alerts, colour palettes, and isotherms.




Check out the most powerful agriculture drone for precision agriculture – The Mavic 3 Multispectral. Unlike heavy farming machinery, the Mavic 3M is lightweight and portable, weighing only 951 grams for “grab and go” operations. Did you know you can even analyse crop growth and create high-precision aerial surveys with the two-in-one RGB and multispectral cameras.




Parrot ANAFI Ai is the first and only off-the-shelf drone to connect to the 4G network. No longer experience transmission limitations with ANAFI Ai’s connectivity, which enables precise control at any distance. The ANAFI Ai flight controller offers an easy and intuitive piloting: no training is required to fly it and it offers a range of automated modes.






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