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Still Open For Business – Paul Luen Has A Message For You

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April 6, 2020


    Paul Luen has a message for you – Coptrz is still open for business and will continue to help you revolutionise your business with drones.

    In such crazy times I wanted to reach out to you as one of our most valued partners and send you a message of support to thank your continued investment in us to date.

    All the Coptrz crew send their best wishes and hope that all your team are fit and well, managing your way through this global pandemic.

    I also wanted to let you know what Coptrz are doing to help protect our mutual business during these challenging times

    Like everyone, we’re doing our best to adapt to the rapidly changing environment, so we can keep open for business, to the maximum extent possible. In fact, the month of March was our best ever month for sales bookings which puts us in a really strong financially position to ride the storm.

    That said, the team have accepted my challenge to work longer, smarter and harder, so we truly outwork & disrupt our competition.

    We’ve found new ways of working to get more done with less, to deliver faster and better outcomes for customers.

    Compared to some of our competitors, we’ve actually increased our investment in direct marketing. If you follow us, you’ll see a steep rise in the both the quantity and the quality of direct marketing we’re doing and that’s already resulted in record levels of marketing leads generated!

    We’ve also created a revolution in drone training with the launch of Coptrz Academy redefines online drone training in a world that has changed.

    We’re Weekly webinars, with nearly 500 people registered for the next one, to feature all of our partners in the series

    We’ve also retained the whole of our sales team who whilst working from home during the UK lock-down, are delivering record levels of productivity

    As my team are fully aware, never, has it been more important to obsess over the quality and quantity of our marketing & sales efforts, and then to similarly obsessive over how we go about serving our customers.

    And I’ve also reminded my team, that these are NOT unprecedented times. There are many occasions where unexpected change in business happened – such change put some companies out of business, whilst other companies became stronger, as they re-invented themselves. The dawn of the internet was one of events, after which many traditional companies just disappeared, as business models went online.

    This scenario is NOT unprecedented – It’s definitely more sudden and shocking, yes. But it’s NOT unprecedented.

    Steve and I who founded Coptrz, faced a similar challenge at our other business Martek, during the 2008/2009 financial crisis, when we took bold action to make 25% of the workforce redundant overnight, and put the company on a 4-day week. And in that case we survived, got resourceful, and within just 3 months we recovered and we went on to thrive.

    This battle is no different to what we faced and triumphed over in 2009. So we’re supremely confident that WHEN we all take the actions required, we’ll survive and as the world recovers, I know we’ll thrive once more. Coptrz can and will, survive and thrive through Covid-19.

    We’ve shifted our thinking, about how we operate and how we serve our customers in what will be a different world. If we simply went into survival mode, as many lesser companies will, we’ll fail.

    And failure is not an option for Coptrz.

    So we’ve gone into re-invention mode, for us to collectively to define a new norm for drone business going forward. We’re finding faster, more agile and more productive ways of working.

    From this point forward I’m convinced there’ll be two types of company – the QUICK and the DEAD. Speed and agility is what it’s all about

    And amidst all this, I feel so optimistic at our prospects. Confidently optimistic that we’ll come out of all this, an even better, stronger company

    And that’s the opportunity we’re pursuing – to create and deliver a new Vision for Coptrz after the pandemic. We’ won’t allow Covid-19 to put us out of business.

    It’s a huge wake up call for us all – AND it’s a superb long-term opportunity, IF, we care to see it that way. Because after all, no-one can un-invent drones and the massive benefits they bring to customers are still there.

    Some of what we need to do will be easy, some of it will be really hard. We have a great team though and I have the utmost confidence in them to navigate our way through it.

    I’m sure you’ve had or are having similar discussion internally and if I can personally help you with anything then pls reach out to me. I’ve asked my marketing team to be pro-active in discussing with you further, ways that we can elevate our co-operation by sharing content and deeper collaboration.

    I know that by working even closer together we can come through this and be in a great position to thrive once the pandemic subsides.

    Please stay fit and healthy through all of this and thanks for your continued support in our business partnership.

    Still Open For Business



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