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Racecourses propose banning drones in fear that it gives punters a competitive edge

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April 20, 2023

Drone technology has revolutionised the way that we capture aerial footage, with increasingly impressive camera and data collection abilities.

Considering the recent Cheltenham festival, we wanted to cover the use of drones within sport broadcasting.

Drone pilot

British racecourses are urging measures to be taken against the use of drones being flown over tracks. It has been suggested that these drones are being used to stream pictures, providing punters with an unfair advantage. It is important to note that this is not due to safety concerns for the runners and riders, but rather because punters on Betfair are allegedly using the superfast real-time drone pictures to gain an advantage while betting.

Drones are equipped with high-quality cameras that can capture images and footage from the air, providing a more comprehensive view of the action than traditional camera angles. Nevertheless, the Arena Racecourse Company (ARC), one of the leading racecourse operators, has expressed their disapproval of drones being flown around their arenas, stating that the suspected action of these drone fliers is an act of ‘piracy’.

The reason for this is that drones are incredibly powerful when it comes to live-streaming. Lag-free drone footage of the back straight would provide exchange players with a significant advantage over those using standard broadcasts from Sky Sports Racing and RacingTV. This advantage would allow punters to see how a race is developing and bet accordingly seconds before TV viewers.

Horse racing, lots of horses racing

While this competitive advantage is unfair and the integrity of the event should be protected, it is important to acknowledge that drone technology has numerous positive applications beyond sports broadcasting. Drones have been used to great effect in search and rescue missions, disaster relief efforts, and even in agricultural practices. Furthermore, they have been used in conservation efforts, helping scientists to track and monitor animal populations and their habitats.

In fact, the potential uses of drone technology are virtually limitless. They can be used to inspect bridges, oil rigs, and other structures that are difficult to access. They can also be used in the construction industry, providing architects and engineers with clear aerial footage and survey-grade data of construction sites.

One of the most significant advantages of drone technology is its ability to enhance efficiency and productivity while simultaneously reducing costs. In agriculture, drones can be used to monitor crop growth, identify areas that require attention, and provide farmers with detailed information about their land. This can help to improve crop yields, reduce waste, and ultimately increase profitability.

Mavic 3 Multispectral spraying agriculture drone DJI

In search and rescue, drones can fly at low altitudes and access hard-to-reach areas, making them an effective tool for searching for missing persons, even in dangerous or remote locations. Drones equipped with thermal cameras can detect body heat, helping rescuers locate individuals who may be difficult to spot with the naked eye.

Search and rescue mission using thermal imagery

In conclusion, although some racecourses have decided to prohibit the use of drones in sports broadcasting due to their incredible live-streaming capabilities, it is imperative to acknowledge that drone technology has many positive applications. From search and rescue missions to conservation efforts, drones have the potential to revolutionise a wide range of industries.


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