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Sky-Hero launch their first tactical rover

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April 20, 2022


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    The indoor tactical robotics suite from SKY-HERO is undergoing a huge expansion in 2022, providing tactical operators with access to an easy-to-use, intelligent recon ecosystem that revolutionises mission safety.

    Founded in 2013, SKY-HERO provides innovative tactical unmanned vehicles for challenging indoor environments. Their products are designed to keep people safe and meet the growing operational needs of law enforcement and security forces around the world.

    In fact, since 2016, military, law enforcement, government, and security teams around the globe have been able to benefit from an innovative indoor tactical sUAV (aerial robot | drone), the highly successful Loki Mk2, already adopted by more than 1,000 teams across five continents, including 20 EU countries, 47 US states, and all 10 Canadian provinces.

    Building off the success of the Loki internal tactical drone, SKY-HERO have expanded their eco-system, now offering a lightweight, throwable ground robot, purpose-built for the collection of real-time data and intelligence.

    SKY-HERO Sigyn Tactical Rover at top of stairs

    Its rugged, simple-to-use design has been developed to deliver support for indoor operations in difficult to access and hazardous places, reducing the risk to officers and ground staff.


    Fully designed, tested, and constructed in Europe and the United States in conjunction with the world’s top counterterrorism squadrons, SKY-HERO’s Unified Tactical Indoor Recon Robotics System appears today as the ideal reconnaissance tool for first responders. Like the drones that we have become used to, the Sigyn robot guarantees a safer collection of real-time data from the field of operation.

    SKY-HERO Sigyn Tactical Rover

    If your security/defence teams already rely on the Loki drone for their daily scouting ops, you’ll now benefit from genuine additional ground support based on similar advanced technologies and, of course, bringing its share of advantages. The new Sigyn Mk1 sUGV reconnaissance robot is a rugged, simple-to-use, throwable ground device conceived to deliver scouting support in difficult-to-access and hazardous places.


    The Sigyn tactical rover is purpose-built with aviation-grade carbon fibre and reinforced with polycarbonate frames for a rugged but lightweight build, allowing the operator to deploy the bot with a singlehanded throw. It provides the operator with a front and back wide-angle ultra-sensitive Day-Night camera, eight dimmable IR LEDs and a payload connection system to execute complex tactical missions from a safe stand-off distance, in any light conditions.

    150 degree field of view camera on SKY-HERO Sigyn Tactical rover

    An embedded inertial motion sensor allows smart drive modes and automatic forward-facing camera selection. It uses market standard batteries, swapped within 30 seconds. Quieter than an sUAV, it allows a more discreet approach to identifying potential threats or unknown dangers.


    As for the Loki Mk2, the Sigyn Mk1 is operated via the same handheld controller, GCS Mk2, providing a strong AES-256 encryption and diversified analogue audio-video receptors which prohibit signal interception and secure all vehicle, payload, and intelligence data.

    This small but rugged controller also allows a single operator to control any combination of up to four Loki sUAS and/or Sigyn UGVs simultaneously. Additionally to the controller screen, a new Tactical Wrist Viewer allows other team members to choose between and watch any of the four devices’ feeds, regardless of which device is currently being controlled.

    SKY-HERO GCS Mk2 Tactical Controller


    The new suite of payloads, from diversionary devices to sensors, will expand to support the Sigyn Mk1 and be interchangeable between both unmanned vehicles. All those tactical components are seamlessly integrated into the SKY-HERO’s Unified Tactical Indoor Recon Robots System.

    Upon launch, the Sigyn will be compatible with the Typhon Sound Distraction. This payload provides the operator with 5 single shots or a 5-round salvo; each measured at 165+Db and assists with tactical entry, quick deployments etc. It can also be clipped on without needing any tools, making the payload easily transferable from the Loki Mk2 drone and the Sigyn Mk1 rover. The payload is non-lethal, which negates the risks associated with conventional pyrotechnical devices.

    SKY-HERO Loki Mk2 Tactical Drone with Typhon Sound Distraction Non-Lethal Payload

    Other payloads in development include a LED light distraction system, which embeds multiple power light sources into a small, rugged aviation aviation-grade aluminium shell. The extremely powerful forward-facing torch or strobe white LED, the green laser pointer, and the fully programmable RGB LEDs will provide a strong tactical advantage from a safe distance.

    Both payloads are fully integrated into the GCS Mk2.

    Operating System

    They benefit all from a smart operating firmware, Odyssy, infusing the entire tactical robot ecosystem with innovative algorithms and artificial intelligence components. Odyssy supports the operation of multiple SKY-HERO’s vehicles (sUAV/sUGV), sensors, payloads, data links, and other sub-systems from as little as one operator control station capable of handling all those advanced operations at the same time by combining intelligence with high-performance and unrivalled capabilities.

    This homemade software is the true and vital nervous impulse of this unique Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robots system, orchestrating all the aerial and terrestrial vectors simultaneously deployed to enable the execution of high profile and time-sensitive missions by allowing operators to focus on the success of their mission.

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