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Police Drones: What are they using and why?

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November 15, 2018


    With drones so prominent in the market these days, it’s easy to understand why the police are joining the party. Whether for search and rescue, crime scene photography or for keeping track of a developing situation. Drones are easily deployable, as well as providing aerial support to the police in escalating situations.

    So, what exactly do the police use? Different people will tell you that different drones are ideal. For some, it’s the Wind Series, for others the Inspire or the Phantom. We’re going to take you through what they are using, why they are using them, and some of the benefits of each. We’ll start with the Inspire 2…

    DJI Inspire 2

    Norfolk police recently confirmed that they use the Inspire. The technology is currently being used during incidents within the county. The incidents range from industrial incidents to firearm incidents and searches.

    The DJI Inspire 2 is more traditionally seen as a photography quadcopter, however recently police forces have turned to it due to its exceptional camera. It provides a complete high-quality solution for aerial filming and can film at up to 5.2k resolution.

    With that in mind, it’s quite easy to see why the police are turning to the Inspire 2. The exceptional aerial photography capabilities of the Inspire allow for forces to capture high-quality footage. It’s incredibly easy to control and can be used with considerable ease to capture aerial photography of crime scenes. Creating high-quality images, that can be used as part of the investigation.

    The Inspire 2 is also compatible with the following payloads: the DJI X4S, X5S and X7.

    Enquire about the Inspire 2 here.

    Inspire 2 Drone

    The DJI Wind 8

    Police Scotland recently acquired the DJI Wind 8 due to its impressive IP rating. With the harsh conditions of the Scottish mountains and landscape, therefore the weather-resistant qualities of the Wind 8 makes it an ideal option for them.

    The Wind 8 comes with an incredibly impressive IP56 rating, thus making it one of the best drones on the market for weather resistance. With the harsh conditions of the Scottish mountains, the weather-resistant qualities of the Wind 8 make it an ideal choice.

    Wind 8 is an impressive 8-armed octocopter and has superior control and redundancy. It can also take a number of different third-party payloads, allowing for thermal cameras and multispectral sensors to be attached alongside a conventional drone camera.

    Here at COPTRZ, we can build the Wind 8 to suit the client’s needs, with a number of third-party payloads. This is one of the many reasons Police Scotland chose this drone. More than ever, drones are needing to integrate with third-party payloads. The Wind Series does this seamlessly and is certainly an investment with a number of benefits to police forces.

    Read more about the DJI Wind Series here. 

    DJI Wind 8 Walkaround

    Matrice 210

    The Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire Police recently added the Matrice 210 to their arsenal. The M210 is the ultimate aerial tool and has been built specifically for inspection and search & rescue operations.

    The M210 has a flight time of up to 38 minutes, giving pilots a fantastic flight time, particularly in search & rescue situations where time is so important. DJI’s M210 also has an IP43 weatherproof rating, allowing flight in high winds and at a temperature range of -20°C to 45°C.

    In emergency situations, the M210 can also be set up incredibly quickly and be ready to go within a matter of minutes. It is also installed with a built-in obstacle avoidance system, therefore keeping the aircraft safe. This includes front vision sensors, downward vision sensors and upward infrared sensors.

    DJI M210 Price

    Mavic Pro

    The Mavic Pro is one of the most popular commercial enterprise drones on the market. It has recently become an ideal training platform, particularly for the police. It has recently been used by the Devon and Cornwall police.

    The Mavic is one of the easiest drones to fly and is incredibly portable. It’s high-efficiency motors allow flight times of up to 27 minutes, as well as reaching a distance of up to 8 miles. The Mavic also uses a FlightAutonomy system allowing it to sense obstacles 15 metres away. As well as all this, it also shoots high-quality live transmission, as well as 4K video.

    Not only is the Mavic Pro incredibly efficient, it’s also very cost effective and is certainly at the cost-effective end of the market. So, all in all, you can see why police forces have turned to use the Mavic Pro as their training platform.


    It’s easy to see why police forces have turned to drones recently. Drone use isn’t restricted to the police, and have been recently used by fire services and other emergency services.

    Drones are the future of search & rescue and crime scenes, and there use is only likely to grow over the next few years.





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