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Pix4Dreact for Emergency Response

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October 9, 2019


    Pix4Dreact offers rapid and reliable situational awareness for quick decisions and collaboration in the field.

    Pix4Dreact is the newest product released by Pix4D to handle public safety and emergency response. The 2D fast-mapping software solution was developed by Pix4D to provide rapid and reliable information during disasters or crisis, enabling the rescue team to make critical decisions faster. According to Pix4D, the increasing numbers of natural disasters and humanitarian crisis around the world is the main reason why Pix4Dreact was developed.


    How will PiX4Dreact improve emergency response?

    Pix4Dreact aims to improve response mapping by being fast, easy to use, and lightweight and robust.


    Pix4Dreact is fast because it can create 2D orthomosaic maps from aerial imagery within minutes. Live data and reliable information are critically important when handling crises or disasters. According to Pix4D, the Pix4Dreact uses the latest fast-stitching technology to make it possible to combine multiple nadir drone images quickly.


    Pix4Dreact is easy to use because its user interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, even for people with little or no drone flight or photogrammetry experience. Pix4D believes that in a complex situation, rescue teams should not be hindered by a clunky interface that could prevent them from creating, documenting, and sharing maps for deciding rescue tactics. To ensure that the interface of Pix4Dreact is suitable for emergency responders, Pix4D collaborated with public safety and humanitarian aid professionals during the development of Pix4Dreact.

    Lightweight and robust

    Pix4D mapping

    Last but not least, Pix4Dreact is lightweight and robust because the data it captures can be shared quickly too. Every piece of data captured by Pix4Dreact can be shared either in geoTIFF format or pdf which is light enough to send over email or phone. If the rescue teams need even more concise data, they can pinpoint and export a single aerial image of an area of interest instead of sharing all the data captured.

    PiX4Dreact and PiX4Dmapper

    Pix4D Mapping Software

    (Source: Pix4D)

    PiX4Dreact can be used to complement Pix4Dmapper, the leading  2D and 3D photogrammetry software for survey-grade reconstruction tasks.

    Furthermore, the software can be used for a wide range of crises or disaster situations. Some of them are earthquakes, flooding, fires, missing persons, human displacement, and many more.


    Where and how can Pix4Dreact be used to improve emergency response?



    • Assess the impact and extent of the flooding.
    • Identify driveable routes for responders.
    • Search for people in need of rescue and evacuation.
    • See water saturation of levees using near-infrared.



    • Observe fires.
    • Assess chemical spills.
    • Detect smouldering areas that could flare up later.
    • Rapidly create an RGB + thermal map of the fire to identify critical areas.
    • Map fire damage to aid in the recovery effort.
    • Provide intelligence for search and rescue.

    Accident or Missing Persons

    Search and rescue

    • Higher resolution than satellite base maps.
    • Increase situational awareness.
    • Quickly create a detailed map while there is daylight
    • Spread the search between many off-site “virtual searches”.
    • Search without introducing new smells for SAR dogs.

    Security Management

    Police personnel

    • Quickly create a detailed map before sending people in.
    • Deliver aerial surveillance for crowd control and monitoring.
    • Identify and assess strategic infrastructure.

    Human Displacement


    • Create high-resolution maps to monitor population movement and help aid distribution.
    • Provide updated maps for camp and site planning and coordination.


    Who can use Pix4Dreact?

    Drones for Emergency Services

    • Police.
    • Firefighters.
    • Search and Rescue.
    • Disaster relief personnel.
    • Military personnel.
    • Paramedics.
    • Contractors.
    • Drone pilots.
    • Relief aid workers.
    • Technical relief experts.


    Pix4Dreact features


    • RGB Images.
    • Pre-processed maps.
    • Markers.

    Tool & Functionalities:

    • Easy to use interface.
    • Fast mapping.
    • Marker tool.
    • Measure tool.
    • Comparison tool.
    • PDF report generator.
    • Export tool.
    • Lightweight and robust.


    • Orthomosaic.
    • Digital surface model.
    • Markers and measurements.
    • PDF Report.


    Pix4D and Coptrz

    COPTRZ CAA Training

    PiX4Dreact launched late October 2019 and is available to purchase today as an annual or lifetime subscription.


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