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90 Seconds with Chris – Multi-Vertical Solutions with Parrot Drones and Pix4D Software


3:10 pm GMT •

March 18, 2020

We caught up with Chris Roberts of Parrot at our Drone Demo Day in Dunchurch – It was a pleasure to hear his thoughts on the industry and how Parrot’s providing Multi-Vertical Solutions with Drones and Pix4D Software


The Anafi Thermal is a product we launched last year – It’s the first product we’ve presented for multi verticals. In terms of enterprise, public safety, inspection, surveying. One year on we’re still at the beginning of the journey in terms of the enterprise usage. The first part of what we’re seeing is that the drone becomes the eye in the sky. It becomes the eye in the sky for the police service, for the fire service, for the surveyor or the energy inspection company.


The next step is what is the full solution? What are they doing in terms of post flight analysis of the data? So, with our sister group within the parrot group, Pix4D; It’s how do we combine the drone with the processing and analysis software. For example, when using the Anafi thermal for first responders. It’s something that can be easily combined with Pix4D React to give ultra-quick situational awareness of what’s going on on-the-ground in terms of an emergency situation.


I think that where the industry goes from here is how you combine the hardware and the software. To get the best out of every Parrot Drone you’d ideally use it in conjunction with Pix4D Software. That way the Police Service, The Fire Service, The Building Inspector can do more with the data set that has been collected by the drone. With this combination we can see more efficiency, and more purpose to the flight of the drone.

It’s these tailor made software/hardware packages that will offer Multi-Vertical Solutions with Parrot Drones and Pix4D Software


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