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Parrot ANAFI USA Specifications & FAQ

Rachel Shardlow

12:36 pm GMT •

February 03, 2023

Coptrz are a leading provider of drones and drone training globally to individuals, companies and large global government agencies. We provide a range of drones including the Parrot ANAFI USA drone.

The powerful ANAFI USA drone can meet the needs of search and rescue teams, firefighters, security agencies, and surveying professionals featuring 32x zoom, thermal imaging, and 4K video capabilities.

The ANAFI USA drone is GDPR compliant, which provides best-of-breed privacy and security measures for sensitive data. This drone is the latest addition to the company’s line of drone solutions, designed to meet the needs of commercial users.

The company has provided the industry with the best drone solutions for over a decade. Through its extensive experience and innovative software platforms, it’s able to meet the needs of its customers.

Professional Features


Firefighters need to quickly assess the hot spots and get a better view of the entire scene when responding to a fire. With the help of advanced optics, 32x zoom and dual 21-megapixel cameras, the ANAFI USA drone can provide them with the necessary details from up to five kilometres away.

The drone can also detect small details from up to 50 meters distance. Its dual cameras, designed for thermal imaging, are coupled with images taken by the company’s FLIR Boson camera allowing operators an aerial view from up to 2km away.


The ANAFI USA drone takes less than 55 seconds to operate and is easy to set up, enabling rapid drone deployment, essential during life-saving missions. The ANAFI USA is a quiet drone with a noise level of only 79 decibels when flying over 50 centimetres off the ground.

It can take off and land inside a house without GPS, making it ideal for first responders who require quick access to remote areas. This also allows operators to fly it outside and back inside a window while maintaining their freedom to fly safely.

Making it one of the best small drones in its class, the ANAFI USA can fly for 32 minutes and comes with three battery packs, which enable 1.5 hours of flying time.

The ANAFI USA drone has passed the IP53 certification, which means it can operate in rainy conditions. It features a robust construction designed for missions that are challenging in flight. Its stabilized imaging ensures that high-quality footage is captured even in windy conditions.

Outstanding Security

The ANAFI USA’s Secure Digital card encryption protects photos and videos stored on the SD card using an AES-XTS algorithm with a 512-bit key length. The secure WPA2 connection ensured users’ authentification and a secure link between their remote controller and the ANAFI USA.

The drone’s firmware is signed to prevent unauthorized modifications. It uses open protocols and standards, such as WPA2, Wi-Fi, H.264, and RTP/RTSP, to ensure the safety and interoperability of its recorded data. FreeFlight 6 users can share their data with other users.

Users have the option to share their data with others using this feature. After they have opted into this feature, the data collected by the drone is stored on secure servers within Europe. These features are compliant with the GDPR.


The FreeFlight 6 software from Parrot provides pilots with a variety of flight options. Its built-in flight routes and easy set-up allows users to create flight plans with pre-defined targets and automatic flights.

When the drone is disconnected or running low on battery, its RTH feature automatically turns on and provides a location update. This feature helps you keep track of your assets and people on the ground.


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