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Parrot Anafi USA: Everything You Need To Know

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June 30, 2020


    Parrot Anafi USA – Everything You Need To Know​

    Parrot ‘s Asif Gillani introduces us to Parrot’s newest drone – The Anafi USA.
    You can view the product showcase page here.

    What was the design process behind the Anafi USA, How did it come to be?

    As you know, the Anafi Thermal we launched last year has been a great success for us. It has been adopted by many emergency services as their go-to rapid deployment drone. About a year ago we were approached by the American government to develop a short-range reconnaissance drone for them. The Anafi USA is built off the back of that project.

    This is a very very data secure drone. It has been designed in Europe, in Paris but built in the USA to ensure we’re fully data compliant. The Anafi USA is data cleared, with high encryption levels.

    Parrot are a European brand; we are the leading European drone group. Our servers are based in the EU and governed under EU law. We had lots of requests from customers who invested in the Anafi thermal to build on the success and that’s how it came to be.


    How does it compare physically to the Anafi Thermal?

    The Anafi USA is about 50% heavier than the Anafi Thermal, it comes in at just under 500g. However, the battery life is 32 minutes a battery and it comes with three batteries. Even though the drone is larger, it’s the same amount of decibels. In use, the drone sounds quieter than the standard Anafi Thermal thanks to its lower pitch.


    What are the key stats?

    It has two cameras up there for visible; One is a wide angle, the other a 32X digital zoom. The thermal camera is a FLIR Boson sensor. The Anafi USA is about twice as capable as previously. And with regards to the zoom; The standard Anafi thermal has 3X zoom – This has 32X.


    Who is the Anafi USA for?

    Well, the Anafi USA has various vertical markets. We have the enterprise user; surveying, inspections. The capabilities of both the zoom and the thermal make the USA an attractive option. Also, Coptrz have had great success in the public safety sector with police forces and fire services. This is a drone for them. Especially for the first responders.

    If you would like to learn more about Parrot drones, join us Wednesday 1st July for an exclusive live product launch – You can sign up here.


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