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NEWS FLASH: Drone has near-miss with commercial flight

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April 16, 2018


    The need for Aeroscope was recently brought into the limelight. UK authorities have confirmed that a drone passed a mere 20 feet over an Airbus 319 during takeoff. It’s one of the biggest fears drone pilots have when flying.

    According to a report released by the UK Airprox Board, a drone came close to an Airbus 319 following takeoff from Heathrow on January 7th. The board gave the incident its highest risk rating yet.

    There was an estimated separation of 20ft, as a result, the pilot didn’t have any time to take any corrective action. The Metro has reported there were 160 passengers on board the plane.

    The Civilian Aviation Authority has clear regulations with respect to where drones can fly legally. For example, they insist drones should be in the sightline of operators at all times.

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    Aeroscope: Saves Lives

    Both Heathrow and Canada’s Lesage International Airport have both reported sights of drones striking planes. In both cases, however, pilots were unable to be located. This is where Aeroscope comes into play.

    DJI recently launched Aeroscope, allowing users to broadcast real-time identification information. This includes the UAV serial code, make and model, UAV position, speed, latitude, and ground controller location. This also the operator to take mitigation action against the drone threat, and dispatch law enforcement to apprehend the pilot.

    So in this scenario, using Aeroscope, Heathrow could have tracked the pilot down.

    It’s incredibly important drone users read up on the regulations before taking to the skies as this could ultimately save lives.

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    With the increased number of drones in the skies, comes the added risk of disruption. According to Airprox, over a two-year period, there has been a 168% increase in drone and plane near misses.

    Drones are becoming a huge safety concern to security personnel at airports, however, they remain perilous to the threat without effective detection methods.

    There are a number of factors to take into account when deploying drone detection and this guide aims to give you an overview of the solutions available to protect your airport.

    Our free eBook will give you all the stats, the latest laws that are due to come into effect and show how various types of drone detection works, amongst other things.

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