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New CAA Proposal Could Finally Allow Drone Deliveries

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February 20, 2024


    The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is initiating a bold move to reform drone operation regulations to expand drone operation beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), especially near buildings or infrastructure.

    This significant step aims to enhance the utility of drones in various sectors, including delivering medicines and inspecting vital infrastructure.

    Drone delivery

    Drone Delivery Concept

    The initiative, part of the "Future Flight" program, aims to integrate innovative airspace use, backed by industry and government collaboration.

    Our Annual Drone Report 2023/24 offers in-depth insights into this program, including the ongoing 6 CAA sandbox trials that explore the evolving landscape of BVLOS drone operation.

    Annual Drone Report 2023/24

    Discover key developments of the drone industry’s growth over the past year and stay ahead with our forecasts on the most promising emerging trends, including the CAA BVLOS sandbox trials.
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    drone food delivery

    Drone delivering food box

    On 20th February 2024, the Civil Aviation Authority plans to unveil new proposals. These will enable drones to operate in close proximity to other aircraft and fly beyond the pilot’s direct line of sight without requiring separation.

    Drone OSC Consultation

    An Operational Safety Case (OSC) empowers drone operators to enhance their mission potential and gain a competitive edge by extending operational limits.

    Coptrz's OSC consultancy streamlines OSC preparation, offering expert advice and collaborative support to reduce rewrite costs and achieve a compliant, ambitious OSC. For BVLOS flights, an OSC is vital as it details safety protocols and risk management, ensuring operations meet regulatory standards.

    "Our proposals are a positive step towards unlocking the next stage for drone flying in the UK. Allowing drones to fly beyond the sight of the remote pilot, without placing restrictions on other aircraft in the area, will be a major achievement for UK drone operations."

    By identifying sensible mitigations for drone flight paths, the CAA aims to ensure the safe coexistence of drones with other aircraft.

    The consultation, part of the UK’s Future Flight program, seeks to enable drones to safely share more of the skies with other airspace users. It is open for feedback for six weeks and aims to foster developments not only for drones but also for emerging forms of aerial transportation.

    By allowing drones to fly in “atypical air environments” — areas where conventional aircraft presence is minimal due to proximity to ground infrastructure — these proposals could unlock new potentials for drone use across various sectors.

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