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Latest Firmware Updates for M300 RTK and Zenmuse L1 explained

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October 22, 2021


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    In the 18 months since the Matrice 300 RTK launched, it’s redefined what it means to be versatile and rugged drone platform. Offering industry leading performance in the most challenging of weather and environments, the M300 RTK has become the go to commercial platform for surveying, mapping, inspection, and emergency response.

    The latest firmware update to the M300 RTK, v03.00.01.01 brings with it a host of new improvements to security, safety, and performance. Read on to find out what’s new.

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    Surveying and Construction

    Inspection & Renewables 

    Public Safety & Defence 

    Offline Updates

    Previously updates to the M300 RTK were conducted through an internet connection, however with firmware update v3, users can now update their M300 RTK using an external storage device such as an SD card or U disk.

    This is especially important to users with special security needs, allowing them to review and install updates without ever connecting a device with live internet communication.

    New Data and Privacy Settings

    Network Security Mode–users can now choose between three security modes Standard Mode: No restrictions on connecting to the network

    Restricted Network Mode: Other than maps, RTK, live broadcast, and other applications that require connection, no other network services are connected.

    Local Data Mode: This is like “airplane mode” that are found on many electronic devices. NO data that is generated by the DJI application is sent externally, even to DJI, ensuring security is maintained, something we expect to be highly valued by the Public Safety sector.

    SD Card Encryption 

    Users now have the option to protect each microSD card with a security code and AES encryption. After setting up encryption, you’ll need to enter a security code each time your start your M300.

    Delete all Device Data 

    You can now delete logs of your activities from your drone, remote controller, and H20 series payloads. Flight logs can also be requested to be deleted from DJI servers.

    New Features for the Matrice 300 RTK

    • One-tap panorama Mode with Zenmuse H20 Series

    When flying the H20 or H20T payloads, users can now capture a full 360° panorama in under a minute. This feature will be especially helpful for emergency responders looking to gather rapid situational awareness.

    • Coordinated turning

    A new feature which aids pilots with smooth turns mid flight. Normally, a pilot would need to coordinate both control sticks to ensure the drone’s heading is aligned with the front of the drone. Firmware update v3 will give pilots the option to automatically add roll and yaw when turning to support pilots in demanding situations.

    • Increased Height Limits

    DJI have increased the maximum flight ceiling for the M300 from 500m to 1500m, except for when in the 50km radius of an airport.

    • Health Management System

    One of the key features of the M300 is the Health Management System (HMS), which provides pilots with flight logs and error records to manage the status of you M300. The update provides immediate access to the DJI maintenance program and DJI Care Enterprise.

    Additionally error records and log management are now available for M300 smart batteries and battery station, after connecting the battery station to your remote controller.

    • Return to Home (RTH) optimisations

    When your M300 RTK sense obstacles during RTH, users will now be given the option to exit Auto-RTH and manually control the aircraft to land.

    Users are no all able to exit Auto-RTH by moving the control sticks in opposite directions during flight.

    • PinPoint optimisations

    PinPoint is already one of the M300 RTKs most powerful features, allowing pilots to determine distances and XYZ coordinates of objects/ features, thanks to the in-built rangefinder built into the H20 series payloads.

    With the V3 firmware update, users can edit and manage multiple PinPoints and a home point. Now pilots can choose been the aircraft’s take-off location, real-time location or remote controller as a custom PinPoint location.

    DJI Zenmuse L1 on a Matrice 300 RTK

    Zenmuse L1 Firmware Update Details

    DJI L1 Firmware: v03.00.01.00

    Firmware Upgrade Method: DJI L1 – SD card / Update All in App

    Other Product Firmware and Software Required: M300 RTK aircraft firmware: v03.00.01.01; M300 RTK remote controller firmware: v03.00.01.02; DJI Pilot App Android: v3.0.1.4 (M300).

    What’s New?

    •Added Zenmuse L1 calibration, allowing users to make a calibration file to complete L1 calibration and restore factory settings.

    •Added Elevation Optimization to Mapping Flight. The L1 only takes photos and does not record point clouds during elevation optimization segments of flight when Elevation Optimization is enabled.

    • The default metering for photos during flight route is updated to center-weighted average metering.

    • The L1 camera will automatically focus to infinity after the focus mode switched to MF.

    • The Calibration Flight is updated to acceleration and deceleration calibration flight (except for Linear Flight Mission). The aircraft will fly forward 30 m (98 ft) and then fly backward 30 m (98 ft) at next nearest waypoint.

    •  Waypoint flight when the calibration flight conditions are met.

    •  Fixed issue: incorrect flight height displayed during Terrain Follow Flight.

    •  Fixed some minor bugs.

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