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Is this the end of Royal Mail? Introducing the DJI FlyCart 30 – the future of delivery

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August 18, 2023


    When you think of drones, you probably imagine those flying gadgets capturing breath-taking aerial shots or monitoring public safety.

    But what if we told you drones are about to redefine the way we receive our packages?

    Move over, Royal Mail, DPD, and Evri, the DJI FlyCart 30 is a game-changer in the world of deliveries.

    Forget what you know about deliveries

    Traffic, staff shortages, and inefficient logistics causing delivery delays? Old news.

    The FlyCart 30 challenges the very fabric of what we consider “normal” for deliveries. With its unparalleled payload capacity of 30kg with dual batteries and 40kg with a single battery, it’s not just delivering packages. It’s challenging the very concept of what rapid delivery should be.

    Imagine receiving your heavy packages within hours, not days, irrespective of where you are.


    Dual delivery modes, double the efficiency

    In a world where customisation is king, why should drones be any different? Whether it’s a cargo box or a winch crane system, the FlyCart 30 asks: “Why settle for one when you can have both?” Let’s dive into them.

    Cargo Box Mode:

    Forget traditional package handling. The FlyCart 30’s cargo box isn’t just a storage space; it’s a fortress in the sky. Designed to shield against nature’s whims and ensure only the right hands receive the package, it’s redefining what secure delivery means. Quick, efficient, and unyielding—this isn’t your average delivery box. Using a 70L detachable cargo container and quick release latching system, deliveries are 100% hassle-free.

    Winch Crane System Mode:

    Think drones can’t deliver in tight spots? Think again. The FlyCart 30’s winch system challenges the norms, delivering with precision where others won’t even dare to fly. Hovering above obstacles, it lowers packages with a grace that contradicts its strength. Supported by both manual and automatic control methods, the delivery cable can reach up to 20 metres.


    Safety isn’t just a checklist; It’s a commitment

    While other drones might boast about their camera quality, the FlyCart 30 prioritises safety. After all, what’s the point of innovation if it’s not safe?

    With features like intelligent obstacle avoidance, dual radar systems, and a built-in parachute, it’s designed to handle emergencies, ensuring your packages—and everyone below them—are safe.



    Weather conditions? Just another day for FlyCart 30

    Rain and wind initiating a no-fly-zone? Not anymore.

    Rain, wind, or shine, this drone doesn’t wait for a clear day. It redefines resilience, challenging our perceptions of when and how deliveries should happen.

    With IP55 weather protection and resistance to wind speeds of up to 12m/s, it’s built for all seasons. It’s a sure-fire guarantee your packages are weather-protected.

    Control like never before

    With the FlyCart 30, DJI pushes boundaries, making us question why we ever settled for less.

    With DJI’s O3 video transmission system, operators can control the drone beyond the visual line of sight up to 20km away. And with the support of DJI’s 4G cellular dongle, even complex environments with potential signal interruptions are no match for this drone. Its maximum altitude can reach 6,000 metres.

    Investing in your future

    At $17,000, the FlyCart 30 isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in the future. A future where deliveries are faster, more efficient, and tailored to individual needs. Additionally, without the need to worry about labour costs, the DJI FlyCart30 pays for itself in no time.

    With the package including the drone, DJI RC Plus remote controller, two Intelligent Flight Batteries, a charging hub, and cables, it’s a comprehensive solution for businesses ready to leap into the future.

    Whilst this drone is currently only available for the Chinese market, we’re excited for when the DJI FlyCart 30 makes its way across the globe.

    More than just a drone: a complete ecosystem

    With DJI Transport, the FlyCart 30 isn’t just a standalone drone; it’s part of a bigger picture, challenging businesses to think bigger and broader.

    Integrated into an airborne cloud platform, it allows for advanced flight planning, multi-machine management, and a 2.5D map for intricate flight route planning.

    It’s not just about one drone; it’s about an entire system working seamlessly to redefine deliveries.

    What’s the use?

    So, the real question – can it really replace our delivery services?

    We’ve seen recent news of Royal Mail innovatively using drones to deliver essential medical equipment to UK isles. Whilst the Speedbird Aero DLV-2 model has made a respectable start revolutionising deliveries, it can only hold a puny payload of 6kg; nothing next to the 30-40kg payload of DJI.

    Not to mention, the minimal 8km distance it can cover is less than half of what FlyCraft 30 can achieve! Without the weather protection and dual delivery features of the DJI FlyCraft 30, the Speedbird Aero DLV-2 can’t even hope to achieve the prospects of the FlyCraft.

    Being able to survive in a variety of terrains, with an unbeaten payload and durable delivery modes, the FlyCraft will be certain to save lives in crisis and emergencies. Sending in drones will provide provisions quickly, without risking more lives.

    Beyond the transportation of medical provisions and essential supplies, we can have some fun with the uses of the DJI FlyCraft 30 including:

    Online Shopping

    Making those impulse purchases oh-so much more satisfying.

    Food Deliveries

    No risk of germs or a driver eating your food before you? Sign us up!

    Rural Locations

    Local shops just not hitting the spot? Weather conditions preventing drivers down country roads? Not anymore. Even those outside of society will be able to receive the luxuries of city living.

    Any time you need something delivered from point A to point B, you can rely on the DJI FlyCart 30. Faster, cheaper, better – 24/7.

    So, whilst it may not replace our delivery services – it will certainly transform our purchasing and delivery experience.

    Full Specs

    Final words

    In a world where we’re accustomed to waiting and settling for the status quo, the FlyCart 30 stands out as a beacon of innovation and disruption. It’s not just about changing deliveries; it’s about challenging our very perceptions of what’s possible.

    The future is here, and it’s soaring high with the FlyCart 30.


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