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The Ultimate Drone Photography Package…

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October 22, 2020


    Coptrz is proud to announce, our latest collaboration with content creator Daniel Hughes.

    Our partnership with Daniel Hughes has been long-standing. Now we can finally reveal what we’ve been working on in partnership behind the scenes – the collaboration with our brand ambassador, Daniel, has resulted in the ultimate drone photography package which has been developed and created by the man himself. We are excited to announce that the ULTIMATE DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGE will be launching on October 29th.

    So, who is Daniel Hughes?

    Daniel has been in the industry for 15 years. He spent 7 years in the British SAS reserves where he travelled all over the world. He delivered the world’s highest video broadcast to the BBC on the summit of Everest and cycled for Great Britain in 2 world championships.

    Daniel has always had a passion for photography, which developed into a career whilst he was riding for a professional race team. Daniel is currently working with the world’s top outdoor and cycling brands to capture the more extraordinary places on the planet.

    Alongside these incredible achievements, he likes to find time in his schedule to pilot commercial planes. Travelling across the globe flying planes ties in pretty well with his drone photography, as Daniel is able to capture the most unique places the planet has to offer.

    Daniel has cycled over the Great Wall of China, which few get the opportunity to do. The route was planned by looking at the DJI database, and of course, he took his drone along with him and captured some amazing shots.

    Daniel Hughes is our brand ambassador. Daniel has been trained by Coptrz Academy where he received the PfCO with OFQUAL 4 Accreditation and OFQUAL 5 Award for Chief Pilots. For Daniel, it’s so important to be trained to a high standard so that brands around the world recognise him as a serious commercial drone photographer.

    Now Coptrz has collaborated with Daniel to produce the ultimate drone photography package. It will be your one-stop shop to take your drone photography to the next level.

    The Ultimate Drone Photography Package…

    Launching on October 29th, the Ultimate Drone Photography Package will provide you with everything you need with regards to drone photography. This course is the ultimate drone photography package – developed by photographers, for photographers.

    Exclusive to Coptrz Academy, the course includes Daniel Hughes pre-set filters for Lightroom, Mavic 2 drone and training on how to use the drone and a qualification.

    You will also receive lifetime access to Coptrz academy, a Mavic 2 Professional drone and so much more. The value of the package is insane, and you can find more details on our website.

    Want to take the next steps to become a professional drone photographer? Then this package is ideal for you.

    There are only 50 packages available for pre-order before the end of November, so be sure to secure yours now with only £300 deposit.

    To find out more about the Ultimate Drone Photography Package, click here.



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