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Introducing the New DJI Wind 4

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November 16, 2017


    Last week’s 2nd annual AirWorks Conference saw DJI release two new drones to their commercial fleet; the DJI Wind 4 and the DJI Wind 8. As an exclusive DJI enterprise partner, COPTRZ we’re able to get our hands on the first ever Wind 4 in the UK and the team were very impressed with DJI’s latest commercial aircraft. 

    Specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial operators, the DJI Wind 4 is a heavy duty quadcopter capable of carrying a variety of payloads up to a maximum of 10kg. It is currently compatible with a single downward gimbal (X3/Z3/XT/X5/X5R/Z30/FLIR DUO). However, similar to the Agras MG-1, it has also been built to accommodate an additional bespoke payload on to the underside of the unit. Available in the range at the moment is a supply drop box and a megaphone which the COPTRZ team think will prove to be an excellent addition to search and rescue situations.

    DJI Wind 4 Key Features

    • IP56 rating
    • Max 10kg payload
    • Customisable ground station (supports SDK)
    • Compatible with third-party devices
    • D-RTK
    • Supply box and megaphone attachment available


    DJI have designed the Wind 4 to be a versatile unit suitable for a range of industrial applications. Similar to the M600, it features an onboard and mobile SDK, enabling custom payload integrations. Extendable landing gear allows even the largest payloads to be attached to the underside of the unit without interference with the ground.

    Supply Box

    The COPTRZ team are particularly excited about the supply box which is available for the Wind 4. Available in either a 14L or 18L capacity, the supply box can be programmed to open via the controller whilst the drone is in flight, making it a great option for dropping goods when there is no possibility of landing.

    Supply Box Dimensions

    14L Supply Box – (6KG capacity) 340mm x 184mm x 200mm

    18L Supply Box –  (10KG capacity) 393mm x 214mm x 200mm


    The Wind 4 can also be supplied with a megaphone which will be of great use to those who need to control crowds or find people during search and rescue missions. Transmission is via an external microphone with a 5km range enabling seamless output even at long distances.


    The DJI Wind 4 is a great release from DJI and we think its versatility will see it being used across a whole host of industries. The supply box, in particular, is a brilliant addition and will enhance the capabilities of search and rescue teams across the country.

    Data capture via UAV has improved dramatically over the past 12 months and as such we are seeing the need for drones to seamlessly integrate with third-party payloads. The DJI Wind 4 does exactly that and those who invest will benefit from a UAV that is a completely futureproofed.

    Find out more about the DJI Wind 4 and how we can help you integrate it into your commercial drone operation. Contact COPTRZ or call us on 0330 111 7177.


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