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August 10, 2020


We caught up with Coptrz Academy Alumni, Jeremey Rackham of Inspired Media to see how his business has evolved post-Coptrz Academy.

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In this article you will learn;

  • Drone Business Advice
  • Managing Your Workflow
  • Kit For The Job
  • Finding Work
  • Filming Tips
  • Why Coptrz?


Do you have any advice?

Practice is key. Spend as much time as you can spare flying your drone. If you get good in Atti mode you are truly piloting your drone – I’ve found that practising to fly without GPS is beneficial so that you can fly in any eventuality. For a lot of the indoor shooting, GPS is unavailable and VPS is limited when you aren’t above patterned or absorbent surfaces, like snow! Without the foundations of prior practice, I would never have been competent to complete the job.


How long have you been flying for?

About two years now, grasping any opportunity I can.


What are you flying?

I have two inspires, one Mavic 2 pro and one Mavic pro platinum


What are the advantages of having multiple drones?

As a videographer the inspire 1 V2 was an attractive drone and looks impressive and professional for certain client impressing situations, it does not look like a toy!! The X5 camera with the interchangeable lenses lends itself to more traditional yet dynamic cinematography methods than my M2P (zooming in close to a subject creates a more cutting edge dramatic shot, while still compliant with safe distances) and presents better options for surveying as well as the creative depth of field and perspective shooting. It’s all about having the right tool for the job.

What’s your workflow?

I offer a full creative solution. From concept to delivery, full editing using the Adobe suite like Premiere Pro and After Effects. I enjoy the composition and creation aspects of the work as much as I enjoy the shooting.


Can you tell us about some of your jobs?

I have a great ongoing project with Xscape (now known as Snozone) filming at their Castleford and Milton Keynes snow arenas. Drones are an incredible tool for filming the action. Especially within the extreme sports arena. You can capture a skier or snowboarder from a perspective that a couple of years ago was only attainable through helicopters etc. Just the presence of the drone fires them (the skiers/snowboarders) up. They want to perform. I have filmed many water sports activities on the coast as well as lakes and rivers. So much movement and action. Also, music videos lend themselves to creative and experimental shots at any number of interesting locations inside and out, from warehouses, concert halls, stately homes, historical locations, urban settings, open landscapes, always exciting.

I also have a golf course designer and a premium landscaping firm in my client list. The work possibilities are endless and varied. It’s one of the best parts of the job – no two days are the same.


How do you find your work?

There’s no magic formula to score work. You have to go out and find out it. But it can come from anywhere. You have to be personable and put time into your portfolio and to networking. I spend time in networking groups across multiple platforms.

I was in Devon a couple of months ago and while down there I decided that I wanted to film some kitesurfing. I contacted the British kite surfing association who in turn put me in contact with some kite surfers. I filmed them, and they distributed my edit. I got a call a few weeks ago asking me to come back and film some events for the local university.

What did you do before you moved into the drone industry?

I was a project manager. Predominantly on grade-listed building projects.

Do you have any filming tips?

Don’t be afraid to try different shots. Drones aren’t just for static or meandering aerial shots. Look for that new perspective. Skim the ground. Move at different speeds. Learn to control your drone as an extension of yourself. You need to join all those dynamic camera moves into one fluid composition. While I appreciate the technology and convenience of the intelligent flight modes, I vastly prefer being a true pilot, I highly recommend ATTI mode as it trains you to be more responsive, more alert, and ultimately more skilled. Also, indoor settings have some crucial points in the software to get right, double-check them then check again, and take it easy. While honing your art give yourself as much room as possible to practice.


Do you have a favourite project?

I’ve always loved doing the snow sports jobs, there’s instant gratification when you see all the work come into fruition. You have to be patient, not every shot will have the impact you’re looking for. But when you get the drone in exactly the right spot and the subject pulls off exactly the right movement it’s massively satisfying.

What do you enjoy most about being your boss?

For me, it’s more than just creative freedom. It’s the human interactions and development of relationships. Especially when you’re filming for weddings, these people are putting a huge amount of trust in you. I enjoy joining them on their journey, from the prior planning meetings up to the big day. It’s truly humbling feeling the trust placed in you, and you want your clients feeling no less than stunned and expectations exceeded.


Why did you choose Coptrz to be your training provider?

I did a lot of research before I settled on coptrz. It was the evident wealth of knowledge that sold me on your PfCO course. Jamie is exceptionally knowledgeable; a great ambassador for the company, goes out of his way to help, as does everyone I have briefly spoken to (Jamie is the guy I have interacted with the most) and Dan who delivered my training was also erudite and professional and supportive at every point instilling confidence and realistic self-belief. It’s comforting and generates good base confidence to learn from industry professionals who have been out there and worked with drones at a high level. The continual support along my development has been incredible too. If you’ve been considering adding drones to your business or starting a drone focused business, Coptrz should be your first port of call. You can speak to one of their expert advisors here.

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