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How the Sky-Hero Loki 2 Revolutionised Tactical Operations

Tom Best

12:24 pm GMT •

July 05, 2021

The Sky-Hero Loki 2 is an excellent tool for military use, offering soldiers or police the ability to reduce, detect, and clear threats. It allows operators to gather intelligence of any threats in complex terrains such as urban areas, underground passages, or travelling into confined spaces.

This operational support tool offers defence organisations a high-performance device that can be used during any time of the day or night. For all of our drone solutions for public safety click through here.


Let’s take a look at the key benefits and features of the Sky-Hero Loki 2.

Key Features of the Sky-Hero Loki 2

The Sky-Hero Loki 2 offers many great features that set it apart from other tools on the market today.

These are just a few of the top features that will offer you the peace of mind and support you need when entering areas of threat:

  • Autopilot Feature – Allows you to control the device without any prior training
  • Precise Position Holding – Ideal for GPS denied areas or low light environments
  • The Controller Powers Up to Four Drones – Up to 4 units can all be operated at one time from the same controller
  • Collision Tolerant – It can be thrown around and sent into complex situations without having to worry about it being destroyed. Thanks to Turtle mode, the drone will flip back over when it’s upside down, and you can carry on flying.
  • An Excellent Range of Sensors – Infrared sensors and a pinhole camera underneath the drone allow it to hold its position so you can rotate it and observe the building
  • Great Flight Time – It offers a 15 minute flight time but can also be used statically for up to three hours at a time. The estimated remaining flight time is shown on the display when in use
  • Built-in Microphone and Night Vision
  • Payload Connectors On The Base Of The Drone – You can mount a range of payloads, although we highly recommend using the Typhon Distraction SH-100 Payload
  • AES256 Encrypted – Video feed can also be scrambled, so you won’t have to worry about footage should the drone be intercepted. The connection is analogue, so you can still continue with your operation even if issues do occur

Typhon Distraction DS-100 Payload

As we mentioned above, the Typhon Distraction DS-100 Payload can be fully integrated into the Sky-Hero Loki 2. Weighing just 135 grams, it’s a lightweight system that operators are able to control directly from the control pad. You are able to select between a single event or burst initiation, offering excellent flexibility for users. The cartridges are quick and easy to insert or release, and you won’t need any external cables to connect them.

With each distraction cartridge offering you five 169dB events, this payload is comparable to some of the best distraction products on the market. Made specifically for military, police, and government organisations, and with over 75 years of experience in the industry, Typhon understand the challenges and expectations of anyone working in these fields.

For more information on this product, why not check out our FREE guide?


Benefits of the Sky-Hero Loki 2 for Military Use

The Sky-Hero Loki 2 is an excellent tool for military use, thanks to the wide range of features designed specifically with military personnel in mind. If you’ve used the Loki 1 in the past, the Loki 2 offers many additional advanced features.

It easily adapts to all environments, thanks to the front and central IR LED systems. Turtle mode is one of the top features of the drone, and it allows it to flip over automatically when it ends up on its back.

When it comes to the controller, it’s extremely compact, so you could simply place it in your pocket or holster. With a simple interface, any member of your team will be able to learn to use this drone with ease. One controller can pilot up to four drones at one time, so you’ll be able to survey multiple areas of concern before entering them.

To lessen concerns about the drone being intercepted, the audio-video receptors are scrambled on 8 bits, so you won’t have to worry about anyone reviewing your footage. Finally, the controller is constructed with gorilla glass, and the screen is anti-glare and anti-scratch. Even in the toughest environments, you won’t have to worry about the drone or controller being damaged, as they are created with military personnel in mind.

If you would like to receive more information about the Sky-Hero Loki 2 and how it could assist your organisation this year, don’t hesitate to contact our business development manager – Sam Denniff

Telephone: 07976 735856



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