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Hovermap ST & ST-X Drone Specifications & FAQ

Rachel Shardlow

12:50 pm GMT •

February 20, 2023

Coptrz are a leading provider of drones and drone training globally to individuals, companies and large global government agencies. We provide a range of drones including the Hovermap ST & ST-X Drone.

The award-winning Hovermap is a drone autonomy payload that provides 3D lidar mapping and collision avoidance. It features SLAM-based LiDAR mapping and GPS-denied flight.

The Hovermap ST-X is a versatile tool that can capture data in various environments, featuring a high-density point cloud that can cover a wider area than the ST. It can capture detailed and accurate data in less time with its 300 meters and 1 million points per second sensing range, capable of performing close-range and indoor scans, which are both highly accurate and easy to carry out.

Incredibly lightweight with a weather-sealed design, it can be mounted on a drone or used as a handheld, backpack or vehicle-mounted scanner, quickly capturing digital twins and as-builts.


The Cube Orange, the Cube Blue, and the Zoe are now compatible with the Hovermap mapping payload and autonomy functions, meaning they can operate in challenging terrains and beyond the line of sight.

Hovermap provides collision avoidance and stable GPS-denied flights, meaning safer flights and the ability to capture images beneath or above various assets such as oil rigs, bridges, telecommunications towers, and stopes.


  • The weather-sealed IP65 design of the payload allows it to capture valuable data in inaccessible locations.
  • The robust drone autonomy and world-class SLAM algorithms of Hovermap allow it to provide accurate and timely LiDAR mapping for various applications, such as surveys and inspections.
  • The ability to switch from flying drones to walking, backpack-mounted or vehicle-mounted scans makes the Hovermap ST an ideal tool for capturing data anywhere.
  • The addition of the automated ground control feature to the SLAM platform will allow users to perform more accurate and timely mapping of 3D point clouds. This new capability will allow them to remove the SLAM drift, produce geo-referenced point clouds, and improve their workflows.

Comparison OF STx And ST

The latest version of the award-winning Hovermap ST, the ST-x features a high-density point cloud sensing technology that enables it to capture detailed and accurate data over a wider area in less time

Hovermap ST-X is capable of near-range and indoor scans due to its improved SLAM solution and automated ground control points.

The new version of the Hovermap ensures you can easily capture data in various environments, including GPS-denied areas, using it as a handheld scanner or a vehicle-mounted one.





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