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Head to Head: Flir Duo Pro R vs Zenmuse XT2

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May 14, 2018


    The Zenmuse XT2 and the Flir Duo Pro R are two of the most impressive thermal imaging cameras available. If you’ve been looking for a thermal imaging camera for your commercial drone operations then it’s highly likely you’ll have come across one of these two.

    Let’s start by looking at some of the key technical points:

    Key tech specs

    Flir Duo Pro R

    The Flir Duo Pro R is an aerial thermal camera designed for industrial, commercial and public safety applications. It can be easily integrated with your existing UAV. The Flir combines an impressive dual high-resolution thermal and 4k visual imaging into a powerful convenient package.

    The image modes include a thermal sensor and 4K colour video camera which allows the recording and capturing of thermal images. This also includes Flir’s unique MSX blending, allowing the combination of visual and thermal imagery to create a more detailed and visually accurate thermal image. The Flir also features visual, thermal and picture-in-picture image modes.

    You have the ability to select either a thermal or visual camera image in flight. You can also watch video streams of both simultaneously in picture-in-picture mode. The Flir makes it easier and faster for drone operators to capture imagery and thermal data from the air.

    It comes equipped with a GPS receiver, ensuring that each image can be geotagged accurately. It’s also integrated with an IMU, temperature, humidity and altitude sensor. This enables it to create aerial maps and 3D models.

    The Flir Duo Pro can also be easily updated to include all the latest features. Its field upgradability also extends its versatility and ensures that it’s cost-effective. The Flir Duo is ideal for high performance industrial, commercial and public safety applications.

    Zenmuse XT2

    The Zenmuse XT2 is a dual aerial thermal and visual imaging solution, designed to work with DJI commercial platforms. The XT2 combines Flir’s Tau 2 thermal sensor with a 4K visual camera and DJI’s leading stabilisation and machine intelligence technology. The Zenmuse XT2 very quickly transforms aerial data into powerful insights for commercial operations.

    It’s housed within a weather-resistant case, and is a combination of Flir’s advanced radiometric thermal sensor and 4K visual sensor. It’s all integrated with DJI’s powerful enterprise drone platform. It comes with an IP44 classification, making it incredibly weather resistant.

    The XT2 also comes with the impressive “Temp Alarm” system. You can set temperature threshold parameters, and every time you can beyond that threshold and alarm will sound to ensure you don’t collide with any objects above that temperature.

    The XT2’s onboard machine intelligence system helps teams identify what’s important whilst on-site. This means it’s less time consuming and allows for work to be completed quickly and efficiently.

    The Flir thermal sensors reveal details that are invisible to the naked eye. They make subtle differences in temperature visible. This view allows you to reveal when equipment or buildings are damaged, the location of lost people and much more.

    The Comparison

    The Flir is the cheaper and smaller of the two. The Flir Duo Pro is incredibly cost-effective, and for a startup drone business, it is one of the cheaper options available on the market. It’s also small in size meaning it’s easily transportable and can be fitted to a majority of drones. The GPS receiver also allows it to have excellent geo-mapping abilities. This also enables it to create extremely accurate 3D maps and models.

    The Zenmuse XT2 has better frame rates, with a full frame rate of 30Hz. This essentially means that the video will stream better, and will look far smoother. The XT2’s lens options also allow it to have a better field of view, and better variation of shots. This allows for close-up thermal views, as well as wider angled views.

    Both cameras have a similar digital zoom capability, at 336 x 256. However the Zenmuse XT2 has the capability to have a more extended zoom of 640 x 512. The XT2’s onboard intelligence system also allows team led work to be far easier to control. 


    Both are incredibly impressive thermal cameras, and they both have their benefits. The size and price of the Flir Duo allows it to be far more open to new commercial enterprises.

    The XT2 is technically better than the Flir, and the frame rate capabilities, as well as its enhanced zoom make it an excellent option if you’re looking for an overall technical package. You will need to have a slightly wider budget however, to allow for the slightly higher price of the XT2.

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