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Finance Options for Your Matrice 200 Series

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November 15, 2018

Commercial drones have never been more accessible than they are in the present day. Advancements in drone technology have made commercial drones more cost-effective, and even some of the newest drone business startups can easily access some of the most popular commercial drones due to the number of flexible finance options available.

DJI Matrice 200 Series – An Affordable Enterprise Drone

Before, enterprise drones were seen as well out of the price range of new drone business startups. With finance options now available, it has opened them up to a far wider audience. Although you may feel that higher spec drones like the Matrice 200 series are out of reach financially, they are now far more reachable and affordable.

Here at COPTRZ, we work with OmniPort to provide flexible drone finance packages. Not only is this available on the drones themselves, but also on the drone training. This opens up the market to new drone businesses, but also to people who are looking to expand their fleet or upgrade it. So, not only can you get finance on your new drone, you can also train your team and split the cost over a 12 month period.

DJI M210 Price

0% Drone Finance in partnership with OmniPort

Whether you are just starting your drone business or looking to expand your fleet, we can provide a finance option to assist you. Drone finance makes the top line of commercial drones available with only a small deposit.

We offer 0% interest on all of our drone finance options. This gives you a 12 month period to pay off your drone, and thus, takes away the immediate financial concerns that can be involved in such a big commitment.

One of the main advantages of drone finance is the ability to not necessarily have to save up to access the technology. Buying a drone is a major financial commitment, but finance allows you to access them earlier than you may have thought.

Finance not for you? Try drone leasing

Not only is drone finance an option, but drone leasing is also something made available by COPTRZ. We have partnered with drone-flx to provide operating drones leasing. First and foremost, what is an operating drone lease? Essentially, a lease is an equipment loan and is a short-term solution for your business. This would mean you don’t have to pay the full cost of the drone and would pay a fee on a monthly basis.

As the technology grows, naturally it becomes more expensive to access. Drone leasing is one way you can cut the cost over a large period of time, particularly for new businesses. COPTRZ has made the Matrice 200 series available for leasing. If, for example, you only need your drone for a year, you can lease the drone for that short period.

You can, of course, lease the drone for long periods of time. Another benefit is if you decide you want the upgraded model, after a period of time you can simply end your lease, and lease the new version.

Apply for Drone Finance or Drone Leasing Over The Phone

Whatever the drone or training is that you need, there is always a finance option available for you. You can apply for a financing package over the phone by contacting the COPTRZ sales team on 0330 111 7177 or emailing The team can walk you through the order process and send a financing confirmation link for you to complete.

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