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Everything you NEED to know about the Parrot ANAFI USA

Last updated on

December 29, 2022


    If you want to know about Parrot’s ANAFI USA drone, then you’ve come to the right place. The company has evolved from its beginnings as a drone manufacturer to become a serious player in the security space. The ANAFI USA comes in at under 500g and is perfect for short-range reconnaissance. With 4k video, thermal imaging, and multiple levels of cybersecurity, it’s the perfect tool to support search-and-rescue teams, first responders, firefighters, and security agencies.

    The Parrot ANAFI USA boasts:

    • Made in the USA – Blue sUAS program approved NDAA & TAA compliant
    • 32x zoom – Clear observation from up to 2km away
    • Thermal camera – Centimetric hot spot detection from a height of up to 40 m
    • Flight ready in 55 seconds
    • Rugged design – IP53 certified


    Features of the ANAFI USA:

    1. 32x Zoom:
    • Dual optical 4K camera system
    • 3-axis hybrid stabilization
    • From wide angle to telephoto
    • Reads a license plate at 130 m
    Continuous zoom

    Automatic focal shift between broad and telephoto cameras ensures continuous zoom.

    Extensive Zoom Capabilities

    The wide-angle lens spans 110° of the sensor’s diagonal. It has a 69° HFOV for video and 75° for photos.

    The telephoto lens’ 26° DFOV covers the whole sensor diagonal. Standard video and picture modes both include a 16° HFOV.

    32x zoom search and rescue drowning

    2. Cyber-secure:
    • Made in USA/ NDDA compliant
    • Blue sUAS trusted drone
    • SD-Card AES-XTS encryption with a 512 bits key
    • Zero data shared by default

    Designed for the U.S. Army, made for enterprise, the ANAFI USA has been developed with security in mind. Encryption on-board and optionally in the cloud ensures that your data stays secure. No data is sent to Parrot by default, unless the user decides to share data.

    Multiple tiers of cybersecurity are incorporated into the drone, including the encryption of media stored on the SD card, which safeguards the data if it is lost or stolen.

    As an added layer of security, the ANAFI USA employs signed software, which alerts the user if malicious changes have been made to the system, and the link between the controller and drone is encrypted.

    3. Ease of use:
    • Compact, foldable, and light
    • Cutting edge aerodynamics
    • Certified IP53
    • Hand launch-able and recoverable
    • Zero no flight zone limitation

    When it comes to commercial and military drones, ANAFI USA is unrivalled in terms of size and unfolds in three seconds. Propeller replacements are easier than ever and require no tools to install.

    Foldable and compact Parrot ANAFI USA


    The ANAFI USA’s propeller blades are inspired by the knobs of the anterior edge of the pectoral fins of humpback whales. Flight-wise, ANAFI USA surpasses drones 1.5 times heavier and twice as bulky.

    The blade design helps recover thrust at constant motor rotation speed and minimises the sensitivity of the raising of mechanical power when blades twist. With a lower rotation speed and higher engine torque, ANAFI USA emulates a rotor whose power is higher than its diameter. The design also minimises the flight noise.

    Parrot ANAFI USA propeller blades are inspired by the knobs of the anterior edge of the pectoral fins of humpback whales

    4. Thermal camera:
    • FLIR Boson 320
    • Relative and spot (cold/hot) thermography modes
    • 2 colour and 2 black & white palettes (Fusion, rainbow, white hot, black hot)
    • Quick thermal analysis mode

    FLIR Boson 320

    The ANAFI USA has a 60-Hz FLIR Boson micro-bolometer. This module’s mechanical shutter permits frequent sensor recalibration for consistent thermal pixel response. FLIR Boson’s HFOV is 50°.

    Colouring Modes

    ANAFI USA’s thermographic camera has two colour options to adapt to every task.

    Relative Mode

    The relative mode shows a scene’s thermographic on a scale from 0 (dark blue) to 100. (bright yellow).

    Relative mode thermal spots

    Spot Mode

    Spot mode colours just the image’s coolest or hottest regions.

    Spots on solar panels detected by Parrot ANAFI USA

    Thermal Analyser

    FreeFlight 6 delivers rapid thermal analysis on your device.

    This feature controls the on-screen representation of any ANAFI USA thermography video or snapshot. From the analyzer, you may access Thermal Preferences directly from the preview’s Preferences icon, go through your thermography videos, alter the thermography modes and thresholds at any point of your footage, and save as many screenshots as you like.

    IR/ Visible Blending

    To compensate for the reduced resolution of the thermographic picture compared to the visible image, ANAFI USA fuses the two cameras’ data. The visible image’s brightness and outlines are inserted into the final video.

    Compatible Systems

    Compatible with:

    PIX4Dcapture, PIX4Dinspect, PIX4Dcloud, PIX4Dreact, PIX4Dsurvey, DroneSense, DroneLogbook, Survae, High Lander, QGroundControl, Hoverseen, Textron Systems.


     ANAFI USA is part of the Defense Innovation Unit’s (DIU) Blue sUAS initiative, which produced trusted suppliers and systems for US Government Agencies and the US Department of Defense (DOD). NDAA and TAA compliant: ANAFI USA.

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