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Everything you NEED to know about the Parrot ANAFI Ai

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May 23, 2024


    Parrot are a French drone manufacturer best known for their critically acclaimed ANAFI series, including the first 4G robotic drone, the ANAFI Ai.

    Founded in 1994, Parrot quickly rose to the top of the wireless telecommunications market by pioneering products including Bluetooth handsfree, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and wireless speakers.

    In 2010, Parrot entered the drone sector with the Parrot AR Drone, operating on their first iteration of the FreeFlight software. Since then, drones like the ANAFI Work, ANAFI Thermal, and ANAFI USA have solidified themselves as tools for asset inspection, the military and the public sector, enabling professionals to quickly make informed decisions by leveraging aerial insights.

    In this blog we’ll take you through everything that you need to know about the Parrot ANAFI Ai.



    There is no known animal species with optical sensors dispersed throughout its body, despite the fact each species needs the ability to notice barriers or predators in all directions in order to survive. No insect, bird, fish, or mammal has evolved a “visual perception system” of sensors.

    The most well-known and effective approach has resulted from natural development.

    Movable heads that can be oriented in three directions: left to right (yaw), up to down (pitch), and, to a lesser extent, in relation to the horizon (roll).

    The sensors (the eyes) are typically moveable in two directions: up/down and left/right (yaw axis) (pitch axis).

    Five unconstrained axes of motion are used to move a pair of sensors to produce this visual sense (the movements of the head and eyes in their orbits).



    This can also be seen in biological evolution, such as that of the optic nerve. The largest of its sort in many species, the optic nerve carries a significant amount of information from the body to the cerebral support system. When we use a drone as an example, the link (the bus) between the sensor and the CPU necessitates a crucial information exchange, which optimises the bus length.

    Most flying species have their heads situated at the front of the body, enabling a large field of view in all directions. Turning the head allows most flying species to view what’s directly behind them.

    The cognitive functions, in this case the perceptual and conceptual functions, derive from this system of visual perception and cerebral support.

    Parrot created the ANAFI Ai obstacle avoidance technology with this in mind.


    4G Connectivity

    The ANAFI Ai continues Parrot’s long tradition of technological advancements. The Parrot ANAFI is the world’s first commercially available drone with 4G capabilities. Range no longer serves as a constraint for drone operations because of Parrot’s use of 4G connectivity.


    Despite the fact UK regulations prevent BVLOS operations without CAA approval at the moment, Parrot’s advancement offers a future-proof foundation for commercial drone operations in the event that the legislation changes.

    However, you will benefit from improved signal reliability between the drone and control, notably in urban settings with masses of metallic structures. By lowering the possibility of packet and frame losses, you can complete your activities while maintaining the highest possible visual quality.

    Users can use any SIM card that can transfer data to use ANAFI Ai; no subscription is necessary. All devices are compatible with the encrypted infrastructure that Parrot offers its consumers. This will guarantee both the software’s integrity and security of any sent data


    Sensor Quality

    The 48MP 1/2″ CMOS sensor on the Parrot ANAFI Ai provides 14 EV of dynamic range, enabling you to record every detail throughout your operations in both highlights and shadows. The ANAFI Ai can offer a dynamic range up to 4 times larger than traditional sensors, even in challenging conditions, thanks to its Quad Bayer colour filter array.

    Operators can observe 1cm details for inspections or reconnaissance missions from up to 75m away using the 6x digital zoom, a suitable range to ensure the drones safety and the assets integrity.

    You can tell Parrot really thought about their users when developing the ANAFI Ai’s sensor. As numerous inspection specialists can attest, many other manufacturers frequently overlook the requirement to monitor directly above the drones body. The sensor on the ANAFI Ai is able to collect data within a full 180° title-range because of the gimbal architecture, allowing the drone to view directly above or below the body. Operators now have the flexibility they need to reach intricate viewpoints, such as the bottom of a bridge’s framework.

    Sensor Features

    • 48 MP 1/2″ CMOS
    • 4K 60 fps: Smooth video
    • HDR10: Realistic colours
    • 14 EV: Dynamic range
    • 6x zoom: 1 cm details at 75 m (240 ft)


    Autonomous Photogrammetry

    The biomimetic form of ANAFI Ai imitates the fitness of nature. The omni-directional camera on its swivel head ensures accurate obstacle avoidance in all flight directions. ANAFI Ai automatically chooses the optimal path to complete its task when impediments are recognised.

    The ANAFI Ai can recognise buildings and other structures in the environment thanks to the integration of OpenStreetMap into its FreeFlight 7 operating system. Embedded artificial intelligence enables automatic execution of photogrammetry-specific flight plans, increasing productivity and cutting down on time. With just one click, professionals can generate optimised missions based on the land registry of the chosen building.



    The Quad Bayer 48MP sensor allows the ANAFI Ai to produce survey- grade 2D and 3D models. At a height of 30 metres, a GSD of 0.46 cm/px can also be recorded. To put things into perspective, ANAFI Ai can fly 1.8 times higher while maintaining the same level of precision as drones with a 1″ 20MP sensor. But it goes further than that.

    Regarding data processing, all photogrammetry software packages are compatible with ANAFI Ai pictures. Parrot has advanced integration with PIX4D, the industry leader in photogrammetry software. ANAFI Ai delivers the images directly to PIX4Dcloud while the aircraft is in flight. So that operators can increase production by avoiding manual, labour-intensive data transfer, computation begins when the drone lands.

    With these features, the ANAFI Ai is one of the best tools on the market for inspection, 3D mapping and mass data collection.



    As well as pioneering flight, Parrot is also pioneering security. ANAFI Ai collects no data by default. The user can decide whether he shares data to Parrot infrastructure or not. Data hosted by Parrot enables the user to synchronise flight data and flight plans between different devices, eases support, and allows Parrot to enhance products.

    ANAFI Ai complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, and goes above and beyond, for instance, by enabling users to simply maintain control with a 1-Click erasure of all data. It only takes one click in their Parrot Cloud account’s privacy settings or the FreeFlight7 mobile app. Users can thus very easily request the deletion of their data and stop sharing data at any moment.

    Video is encrypted with a key that is determined by the drone and remote controller while utilising Parrot infrastructure for 4G pairing. It is also worth noting that Parrot does not have access to unencrypted videos.

    Each drone-specific ECDSA private key with P521 domain settings is included. The Secure Element prevents the extraction of this private key. The Secure Element safeguards the integrated software’s integrity, giving the drone a distinct identity for 4G pairing and strong authentication, and includes a digital signature for the photos it takes.

    The Secure Element:

    • Performs cryptographic operations
    • Stores and protects sensitive information
    • Protects the integrity of the embedded software
    • Provides a unique identity to the drone for 4G pairing and strong authentication
    • Features a unique digital signing of the pictures taken by the drone

    The first European crowdsourced security platform, YesWeHack, and a bug bounty programme are currently operating together. For the purpose of identifying potential weaknesses in its drones, mobile applications, and WebServices, Parrot benefits from their sizeable community of cybersecurity researchers.


    Development Platform (SDK)

    Since their first drone in 2010, Parrot have been providing open-source SDK for third-party developments. This allows manufacturers, professionals, and enthusiasts around the world to continually further innovations for the drone industry, using their platform as a foundation. Thanks to this, Parrot has the largest partner ecosystem in the world for professional drones, including: Skyward, AgEagle, PIX4D, Dronesense and many more. ANAFI Ai takes Parrot’s SDK from strength to strength:

    • Air SDK: Provides a breakthrough technological architecture to run code directly on ANAFI Ai. Developers can program custom-designed autonomous flight missions by accessing all drone sensors, connectivity interfaces, and autopilot
    • Ground SDK: Allows developers to create iOS and Android mobile applications for Parrot drones. All the features of the drone (control, video, settings) are accessible
    • OpenFlight: The open-source core of FreeFlight 7 application. Developers can focus on adding their own features and immediately get a professional-looking app ready to be published on the application stores
    • Sphinx: Enables developers to test their algorithm and flight strategy in a photorealistic 3D simulation


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