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Everything you NEED to know about the General Visual Line of Sight Certificate

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February 22, 2024


    A General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) is essential for remote pilots conducting VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) operations within the Specific category that cannot be done under the Open Category with other qualifications like the A2 CofC. A GVC certificate alongside a completed Operations Manual allows you to file for Operational Authorisation to be accepted for various drone operations, ensuring compliance with regulations and safety protocols.

    The GVC essentially has three steps that prove you as flightworthy to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

    Then you will be awarded with your General Visual Line of Sight Certificate which you can use to apply for Operational Authorisation via the CAA’s website.


    PGMOL Drone Refereeing

    How do I get a GVC?


    To obtain the General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC), you must learn the full curriculum.

    You can study these modules at your convenience on Coptrz Academy, our online learning platform.

    Alternatively, you can opt for a fast-track, 2-day classroom course that offers an interactive and practical learning environment led by experienced instructors who will provide guidance throughout the process.

    The topics covered are:

    You will then sit a 40-question multiple-choice exam either online or in the classroom – more on this later.

    GVC Training Guide

    Explore the inner workings of the GVC, journey through the step-by-step process, and get a transparent cost breakdown.
    coptrz gvc

    Coptrz Academy GVC Course

    Practical Flying Test

    After passing your theory test, the flight test is like a driving test for aviation.

    You’ll need to show the examiner that you’ve properly prepared for your flight, which includes conducting necessary checks on your aircraft and identifying radio facilities. This preparation involves setting power and speed and calculating performance metrics for takeoff, landing, and approach according to your aircraft’s manual.

    Depending on the aircraft type, the test covers various flight phases like pre-flight, departure, general air work, en-route, and landing procedures.

    *You must complete your flight test within 12 months of passing your theory, or you will have to retake it!

    Bespoke Flight Coaching

    Your organisation’s drone training requirements are unique to you and therefore your courses can be tailored bespoke to your unique operations.

    That’s why Coptrz provides you with bespoke courses in mandatory and /or CPD specialist courses for your people in a classroom/flying site of your choice.

    This can occur either at a Coptrz training centre, another offsite venue of your choice or on your premises, saving time, disruption, and money.

    "Since 2018, Coptrz has been our exclusive training provider. We’ve made Coptrz our one-stop-shop for all things UAV.”

    Operations Manual

    In your operations manual, you need to detail key aspects ranging from Safety Training and Nominated Personnel to Aircraft Systems and Incident Reporting. It should cover Flight Planning, Procedures and Emergencies, and all necessary documentation for UAS Operations in the Specific Category. Additionally, the manual must include information on the operations you’ll undertake, the aircraft you’ll fly, and the pilots involved.

    As part of our Online and Classroom GVC courses, you’ll have access to complimentary online templates for your operations manual and benefit from free expert reviews.

    *You don’t need to develop your ops manual if you are part of a company that already has one.

    If this sounds complicated, don’t worry because this will be covered in your GVC training course with us.

    GVC Course Options

    The Online GVC Course

    Self-paced online learning allows you to study at your convenience from any location with internet access on our Coptrz Academy E-Learning platform. Complete all online modules to unlock your exam booking.

    Before your exam, you must provide a webcam tour of your workspace to ensure no study materials or notes are present. You will need to provide consistent and uncut footage from your webcam feed for the full duration of your exam. Participation requires a desktop or laptop with the Chrome browser, as tablets such as iPads are not accepted. Essential equipment for the exam includes a desktop or laptop, Chrome browser, webcam, microphone, and a stable internet connection with a minimum speed of 2Mbs.

    Upon passing the online theory exam, you can schedule your practical flight test at one of our 6 UK venues, which usually lasts about 2 hours.

    The Classroom GVC Course

    gvc classroom

    The course spans three days, combining two days of interactive, hands-on classroom learning with a flight assessment on the third day. The theory exam is conducted on the second day. It’s offered in various locations including Leeds, Hook, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Rugby, and Kent. Expert instructors will guide you throughout, allowing you to fast-track your GVC certification in just a few days. Lunch and refreshments are included.

    Training and Flight Test Locations

    We offer Classroom GVC Courses and Flight Assessments across six UK locations. View available dates here.

    For those enrolled in an Online GVC, our training coordinator will work with you to schedule a Flight Assessment at a date and location convenient for you once you are ready to book.

    See all of the locations here.

    Training Map

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