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Everything you NEED to know about the DJI Dock 2

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March 26, 2024


    The anticipated DJI Dock 2 has launched, promising a design that is both lighter and more powerful than before.

    This year has seen significant advances in autonomous flying technology. Plans from the government show that by 2027, the UK plans to widely use Beyond Visual Line of Sight for drone operations.

    Drone docks or drone hangars are critical to achieving remote drone operations. A drone dock is a dedicated station where drones can autonomously launch, land, and recharge with minimal human intervention.

    Following the introduction of the first DJI Dock, numerous businesses have harnessed this technology effectively. But now, the much-awaited DJI Dock 2 has now been unveiled, offering a design that is not only lighter but also more powerful than its predecessor.

    DJI Dock 2


    The Dock 2 is compatible with two ‘dock versions’ of either the Mavic 3 Enterprise (Matrice 3D) or the Mavic 3 Thermal (Matrice 3TD). The Matrice 3D is great for accurate surveying and mapping, while the Matrice 3TD is perfect for public safety and inspections. This sophisticated equipment meets the rigorous demands of 1:500 high-precision mapping and diverse security and inspection operations.

    The DJI Dock 1 housed a ‘dock version’ of the Matrice 30T (M30TD). Check out the comparison.

    M3TD/ M3T/ M30T Specs Comparison

    SpecM3TD (Dock 2)M3T (Non-dock)M30TD (Dock 1)
    Size (unfolded)335x398x153mm347.5x283x107.7mm470x585x246mm
    Max Horizontal Speed21 m/s21 m/s23 m/s
    Max Flight Time50 min45 min40 min
    Max Hover Time40 min38 min35 min
    IP RatingIP54Not supportedIP55
    Operating Temperature20°C ~ 45 °C-10°C ~ 40°C-20°C ~ 50 °C
    Wide Camera1/1.32" CMOS, 48MP1/2" CMOS, 48MP1/2" CMOS, 12MP
    Zoom Camera1/2" CMOS, 12MP, 56x hybrid1/2" CMOS, 12MP, 56x hybrid1/2" CMOS, 48MP, 5x-16x optical zoom
    Laser ModuleNot supportedNot supportedNot supported


    The Dock 2 boasts a minimum interval of 32 minutes between flights, ensuring near-continuous operation. It has rapid charging and dual-camera monitoring for quick deployment and steady performance. While some features like smart oblique are supported, the other functions are not supported – yet.

    Maximum Control

    The DJI Dock 2 offers unparalleled control over operations through cloud-based modelling and mapping. Operators can precisely edit flight routes and utilise AI Spot-Check to ensure consistent area coverage. FlyTo tasks and live flight controls allow for dynamic and responsive mission handling.

    Software Support

    The DJI Dock 2 works with the DJI FlightHub 2 platform and Cloud API. This simplifies the process for outside developers to build and manage their projects efficiently.

    The E-Port on the M3D/M3TD aircraft enables users to attach third-party payloads. This extends the use of the Dock 2 beyond its already impressive capabilities.

    DJI Dock 2 vs. Dock 1

    Weighing only 34kg and occupying only 0.34 square meters, it’s lighter and more compact than the original DJI Dock. This means it’s not only easier to transport and deploy, but it also reduces installation costs significantly. The new Dock 2 also flies 10 minutes longer per charge and can travel 3km further from its box than its predecessor.

    The initial DJI Dock came with the DJI Matrice 30 Thermal model, whereas the latest DJI Dock 2 now has two options. There is a choice between the Mavic 3 Enterprise (M3D) or the Mavic 3 Thermal (M3TD). The M3D integrates a 20MP surveying camera, bringing new opportunities in construction site management, mining, etc.

    SpecsDock 2Dock 1
    SizeDock opened: 1228*583*412mm
    Dock closed: 570*583*465mm
    Dock opened: 1675x885x735mm
    Dock closed: 800x885x1065mm
    Input PowerMax 1000WMax 1500W
    Temperature-25°C ~ 45°C-35°C ~ 50°C
    IP RatingIP55IP55
    Max Takeoff Altitude2500m4000m
    Max Operation Radius10km7km
    Charge32min (20%-90%)25min (10%-90%)
    Monitoring CameraDual-camera automated switchSingle camera
    DevelopmentCloud API+edge computingCloud API+edge computing

    Unlock The Dock With OSC

    Unlock the DJI Dock 2 with an Operational Safety Case (OSC).With your OSC, you can exceed standard flight boundaries for specialised operations like BVLOS flight, EVLOS, and more.The best part? We can manage the entire process for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing.


    Construction Site Management

    The M3D’s 20MP wide camera (the same as the M3E’s camera) delivers precise surveying and mapping. Daily automatic drone flights over construction sites offer regular progress updates, monitor materials, and equipment. It helps ensure projects remain on schedule and allows for easy sharing of images with project stakeholders.

    Environmental Monitoring

    The dock can help in the assessment of deforestation, erosion, habitat destruction, and illegal activities that impact the environment. Regular, automated flights can track changes over time, providing invaluable data for environmentalists and policy-makers.


    The Dock 2 can regularly monitor crop health, irrigation needs, and pest/disease outbreaks in precision agriculture. Drone imagery allows for the implementation of precision farming techniques, optimising resources and maximising yields.

    Infrastructure Inspection

    Routine infrastructure inspections such as bridges, wind turbines, and solar panels are essential for maintenance and safety. The Dock 2 with M3TD’s thermal and RGB cameras can identify structural issues and heat anomalies. This eliminates the need for human climbers, reducing risk and improving efficiency.

    Security and Surveillance

    The Dock 2 drone can patrol borders, factories, and event spaces. The M3TD has a thermal camera for seeing clearly at night and RGB cameras for bright, clear pictures during the day.

    A computer with video camera

    Emergency Response

    The Dock 2 can quickly reach the scene, locate individuals, and provide real-time visual data to command centres. This information is critical when coordinating response efforts and resource deployment.

    Public Safety and Law Enforcement

    The Dock 2 can aid law enforcement in surveillance operations, search and rescue missions, and crowd monitoring. It offers a discreet way to gather information without putting officers in harm’s way.

    Insurance and Asset Management

    After events like fires or storms, insurance companies can deploy the Dock 2 for quick site evaluations. This helps speed up the processing of insurance claims.

    Asset managers can use Dock 2 to track property conditions and quickly identify changes, ensuring timely maintenance.

    Ready for the Next Step?

    The DJI Dock 2 is more than just a piece of technology; it’s a gateway to new possibilities. With the ability to support third-party payloads and integration with DJI TerraAPI, the Dock 2 establishes itself as a hub of limitless potential.

    If you want to hear how Dock 2 could work in your business or organisation, contact an expert today for free.

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