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Emesent launch Hovermap ST

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March 8, 2022


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    Founded in 2018, Emesent has quickly become a world leader in drone autonomy, LiDAR mapping and data analytics. Their flagship product, Hovermap has set the standard for drone-based LiDAR & SLAM, ushering in a new age of autonomous drone flight.

    On March 1st, Emesent announced the next evolution of their incredibly popular Hovermap payload, Hovermap ST.

    Head of Product Pete Dickinson ” It is our absolute pleasure to introduce Hovermap ST, the new standard in survey-grade autonomous LiDAR mapping for harsh GPS denied environments.”

    Hovermap ST features many of the hallmarks of the original design such as the powerful Velodyne LiDAR sensor, yet its form factor has been redesigned from the ground up, now featuring new features such as a smaller lighter composite design, IP65 ingress certification and a simple one-cable drone integration.


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