ELIOS 2 Approved As A Formal Inspection Tool

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January 6, 2020


ELIOS 2 Approved As A Formal Inspection Tool

The Elios 2 Drone has been formally approved as an authorised tool for inspection, the first of its kind to be permitted for industry recognised use.

In this blog:

  • Elios 2 approved inspection tool by RoNik Inspectioneering and API (American Petroleum Institute)
  • Safer, quicker and less complex to fly
  • Savings of over £750,000 for Severn Trent Water

Officially announced as a formal inspection tool, the Elios 2  is equipped to handle commercial inspection tasks that traditional drones would find impossible. Now saving you money, time, improving data capture and accuracy, and dramatically reducing risk for workers in all areas of inspection.

Getting Results

As the UK’s official supplier of Elios 2, we have backed its extensive capabilities since its release in May 2019, and have worked with a number a number of high profile clients such as Magnox Ltd and Thames Water to initiate its use for hazardous places and dangerous situations.

Our customers Severn Trent have subsequently reported savings of over £750,000 since the instigation of the Elios to its practices, whilst Liverpool Arena used the drone to emit risk for dozens of firefighters when a severe fire broke out at the Liverpool Echo Arena Car Park.

Picture taken by the Elios 2 during an API 510 inspection of a pressure vessel in Antwerp, Belgium. Source Flyability

Put To The Test

The Elios 2 has been put through it’s paces by RoNik Inspectioneering and API (American Petroleum Institute) in a series of vigorous tests, and is announced as the single best drone for indoor inspections on the market, providing safe operations in a variety of both open and confined locations providing data that would otherwise be unreachable.

Specialised features include oblique lighting which allows for three- dimensionality, distance lock for accurate depth perception measurements and stabilisation for meticulous precision.

Its design also introduces key user benefits, from easily detachable modular features which makes swapping out batteries a quick and easy process, to ensuring any maintenance and  repairs or even the replacement of parts is a more efficient and reliable process.

You’ll find no other drone which has been approved as a formal inspection tool, and according to RoNik Inspectioneering founder Steven Verver, “It’s unlikely that any will be in the foreseeable future.”

COPTRZ Managing Director, Steve Coulson, adds: “This is fantastic news for the Inspection industry as well as UAV pilots. The Elios 2 is safer, quicker and less complex to fly. This news will massively decrease the time taken for inspecting industrial assets and provides not only the most enhanced data available on the market but is also the safest way for inspection to operate.”

For more information about the Elios 2 visit: https://www.coptrz.com/shop/drones/flyability-elios-2/

Or contact our Inspection UAV Specialist:

George Burne, 

07951 996941




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