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Drones Save Lives: At Least 65 People Saved Last Year

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May 1, 2018


    According to recent reports, at least 65 people were rescued thanks to drones last year. DJI’s report was collected from a number of news outlets and public safety agencies and includes 27 separate incidents across five continents.

    According to DJI reports, at least 124 people worldwide have been rescued. This is an impressive statistic. It further supports the reason that the drone market is growing at such an exponential rate.

    The report found that drones have been used to drop buoys to struggling swimmers. They have also spotted unconscious people in harsh weather conditions in the UK and America. Drones also located people in rivers, mountains and fields.

    Sam Deniff of COPTRZ stated:

    “Drones are incredible at being able to carry heavy payloads. They can drop supplies like food and life support to victims without the risk of human loss. For example, a drone could fly over a mountain to someone trapped, without having to risk a manned aircraft. 

    They quite simply save lives. With the industry growing at such a rate, it looks like they will save many more lives in the future.”

    Drones rescued on average more than one person a week last year. Thermal imaging cameras also helped to find 18 people.

    Here at COPTRZ, we’ve worked with both Defence Forces Ireland and Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police to help to save a number of lives with drones. Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police forces were the first to employ full-time UAV pilots and to create a dedicated drone unit.

    During trials, it was noted that the use of UAV’s rapidly increased response time, as well as cost-effectiveness. The drones will be mainly used for missing person searches, crime scene investigations and fast response to major road traffic collisions. They will also help search the forces’ 600 miles of coastline.

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