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Drones For Property Marketing

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July 20, 2020


    Drones For Property Marketing

    Property marketing is a highly competitive and ever-evolving sector. For decades, the marketing of properties and estates has evolved to fit with new technologies, and the present day is no exception. It used to be the case that only large or exceptional properties were marketed using aerial footage taken from a helicopter while all other properties simply featured photographs or video tours from the ground. But with the increasingly widespread availability of commercial drones today, it’s no surprise that drone technology is being used more often for marketing purposes. What’s more, as property marketing has found a new home on social media platforms, the demand (or rather, necessity) for original and engaging content has only emphasised the importance of quality footage.

    So, who can use drones for property marketing? Using drones for property photography and marketing can be done by almost anyone with the correct training and certification, but is mostly done by freelance photographers or established estate agents. Deciding to include drone footage in your property photography and marketing is a good move if you’re looking to improve your competitive edge and enhance your customers’ experience.

    But what do drones add to an already highly competitive property industry?

    Picture this: Your company is advertising a property, maybe a city townhouse, countryside cottage or industrial unit, and you need gripping and engaging media to entice customers and ultimately increase sales. While your competitors list property ads with standard photographs or videos in the same format as they’ve always done, you use drones to capture incredible aerial footage, showcasing the property and surrounding land from a unique perspective, giving potential customers a new and memorable experience.

    In this article you will learn;

    • How drones can improve property marketing,
    • How to implement drones in your marketing strategy
    • The benefits/limitations of drone marketing

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    Why you should use drones for property marketing

    Including drones in your property marketing strategy seems an obvious decision when comparing it to the alternative. While most estate agents settle for traditional photographs taken from standard perspectives in and around the property, drone footage sets you apart from the rest and guarantees quality content which can’t be missed. When it comes to selling houses or apartments, drone footage is also a great way to show potential clients the surrounding area. By taking aerial footage of the property and the surrounding area, you can visually highlight key selling points such as the neighbourhood, local schools, shops, churches or general places of interest. This provides the viewer with an immediate understanding of the area and is an easy and effective way of demonstrating your local knowledge.

    Benefits of using drones for property marketing

    Having discussed the importance of using drone footage for property marketing and why drones have changed the marketing game for the future, it’s about time we look at some more specific benefits involved with using drones in the property industry;

    • Captivating content: Drones allow photographers to capture stunning images of properties from a variety of unique perspectives. These dynamic shots easily stand out against standard property photos shown by most estate agents.
    • Highlighting property features: Using drones is an ideal way to capture important and impressive features of a property which can’t be captured through regular photography. Whether the property boasts a spacious back garden, swimming pool, beautiful scenery, or any other exceptional views, drone footage can easily showcase these features better than standard photos.
    • Stunning virtual tours of a property: If the property is large enough (think warehouse, industrial unit or even a particularly spacious house interior), drone footage can capture aspects of the property’s interior with superior shots, especially where 360-degree filming or photography is possible. Adding drone footage to a regular video tour is a guaranteed way to capture the attention of potential customers.
    • Beating the competition: Since many estate agents and photographers continue to use standard photos and videos to showcase a house, you can be sure that using drone footage will give you an advantage over your competitors.
    • Reducing costs: While aerial footage was once only possible with a helicopter, this is no longer the case. Drones are an excellent alternative and are significantly cheaper than footage from a helicopter.
    • Creating interest and new clients: As estate agents become increasingly prominent on social media platforms, exceptional drone footage is a sure way to gain interest from new and existing clients. The eye-catching content you produce and share on social media can then easily be re-shared by users across platforms which means you’ll be visible to an even larger audience.
    Limitations of using drones for property photography

    Now we know the main benefits of using drones to capture stunning visuals of a property, are there any limitations? Well, there is one. Drones won’t necessarily be able to replace the standard photos and videos you see of house interiors, particularly if the property is small. However, this is hardly a ‘make or break’ situation. Drones can always be used for shots of the property’s façade, no matter the size. Whether the property in question is a mid-terraced house, apartment or standalone cottage, drones are ideal for showcasing the property from exciting and unique perspectives.

    Finding the right drone for property marketing

    If you’ve made the decision (or are currently in the process) of introducing drones to your property photography or marketing business, you might be wondering what’s the right tool for the job. While there are so many drones available on the market at the moment, not all of them are created equal. It’s important to consider what the function of your drone will be and how it will meet your needs. In this case, you’ll need to find a drone with an exceptional camera and significant range to allow you to get the desired shots you’ll need to market properties.

    Here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for the ideal drone for property photography:

    Camera Gimbal: A camera gimbal is an essential piece of equipment for creating sleek, clear drone footage as it stabilises the camera, preventing undesired movement or shaking. The camera gimbal is crucial if you want to take dynamic videos showcasing the property from all angles and will give your footage the professional-level quality it deserves. The camera featured on the Parrot ANAFI takes this a step further, being the first drone to utilise a 180 degree gimbal system as well as its standard 3-axis stabilisation to capture exceptional shots with uninterrupted precision.

    Camera quality: It goes without saying that camera quality is an essential factor to consider when investing in a drone for your property marketing. While low-end, cheaper drones come with cameras, these are significantly lower quality and will, therefore, be unsuitable for professional use. If you’re serious about implementing drone footage in your property marketing, a 4K camera is the best option. But finding a drone capable of capturing 4K images and video doesn’t have to be a challenge thanks to our wide selection of DJI and Parrot drones.

    Intelligent flight modes: Some drones come with specific flight features available which improve the handling experience. Object tracking, auto-return and assisted photography modes are just some of the many features to be included in drones. Object tracking features are a great choice for anyone looking to introduce drone footage in their marketing as it makes panoramic and long-distance shots super effective as the camera stays fixed on the property. This feature can be found in many top-tier drones such as the DJI Phantom 4 RTK, designed with a real-time kinematics (RTK) system to provide continued positional accuracy at the highest possible standard. Finding a drone with flight features will make your job much easier which is ideal for new pilots who are becoming familiar with drone flying or for experienced pilots looking to make their job a little simpler or quicker.

    Drone range: Drone range is one of the most variable aspects of performance and is a key point to consider when purchasing a drone for property photography. In order to achieve the stunning visual shots you’ll need to showcase a property to its fullest potential, you need to choose a drone with a large enough range. Thankfully, high-end drones which are best suited to professional work typically come with significantly larger ranges. You can expect a range of anywhere between 2 to 5 miles for a professional drone. The DJI Phantom 4, for example, boasts a max range of up to 4.3 miles and can reach speeds of up to 45 mph. This kind of range is perfect for showcasing both a property’s location whether it’s in a bustling city or rural estate.

    Battery life: Battery life is another essential aspect to consider to maximise your time and increase efficiency when working on a property shoot. While some drones come with additional batteries which can be replaced mid-shoot, long battery life is essential to save you time on the job. For example, the Parrot ANAFI Work comes with 4 smart batteries, of which 2 can be stored in its ultra-compact transportable bag, giving you up to 1 hour and 15 minutes of flight time. For most professional-grade drones, you can expect to find a drone with a single battery life of up to roughly 30 minutes before it needs to be replaced. If you’re looking for an even longer battery life to seriously improve your property marketing drone, the AceCore Zoe boasts a battery life of up to 40 minutes of flight time!

    Choosing a drone ultimately comes down to your own preferences. Considering the drone features you’ll need to complete the job confidently and efficiently is the first step to choosing your perfect drone. There are, however, certain drones which have made a solid reputation in the industry for their reliability and high-quality. DJI and Parrot drones have an excellent track record and are a perfect choice for beginners and experienced drone pilots alike. Whether it’s a DJI, Parrot or Acecore drone, you’ll have a robust piece of tech in your hands with exceptional camera quality and features, ideal for enhancing your property marketing and rivalling any other in the industry.

    How to introduce drones into your property marketing and photography

    Now that you’re familiar with the equipment and why drone footage is a necessary game-changer in property photography and marketing, it’s time to learn how to capture and implement drone footage. This process is considerably easier for established estate agents and photographers who have already amassed a considerable following and have recurring clients. In these cases, introducing drone photography should be a simple process after training and meeting the necessary requirements for flying commercial drones.

    Capturing photos and videos of a property

    Much like standard photography, it’s important to capture the character of a property from several perspectives. Taking photos and videos from an elevated view (roughly 45 degrees) of the property’s façade, panning from side to side, is a great introduction as it showcases the most viewed part of the property while capturing the potential client’s attention. This type of shot should be repeated at the rear of the property, if appropriate, before capturing some still aerial shots from directly above the property. Additional panoramic shots of the property’s surroundings should also be taken from an elevated position where appropriate.


    The property industry faces a significant change as commercial drone footage has become an established part of property marketing. Furthermore, as estate agents take their businesses onto social media platforms, the demand for outstanding aerial visuals has increased and set apart drone users from their competitors who rely on standard photography in their marketing. Introducing drone footage into your property marketing is a guaranteed way to capture the interest of potential clients and ultimately drive sales through eye-catching property presentation.

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