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Drone Flying Course: The Next Step In Your Career

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May 11, 2018


    Becoming a drone pilot is one of the most exciting careers you can launch in the current commercial environment, offering opportunities to build a lucrative and successful business.

    There are abundant openings for qualified commercial drone pilots to develop a business at this moment, however, it’s highly likely the arena will become far more competitive within the next few years.

    The first step you need to take in launching your new drone flying career is to gain permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate your commercial drone business.

    COPTRZ CAA Training for Commercial Drone Pilots

    COPTRZ provides permission for PfCO training (Permission for Commercial Operations) courses and are the leading commercial drone training providers in the UK. Our four-day course is fully approved and provides everything necessary to make a successful application to the CAA.

    The first two days of the course are held at the Ground School and will cover all eight essential modules that are required by the CAA. A multiple choice examination will be taken on completion of these two days. The third day of the course covers maintaining an accurate operations manual, which is a legal requirement. And the final day of the course allows you to gain practical experience flying a drone, you can choose to take your flight assessment at this time or put it off to a later date.

    Setting Up a Commercial Drone Flying Business

    It’s quite obvious now that drones are likely to feature heavily in a wide range of business operations, they’re not a fad to be dismissed out of hand. The use of drones is increasingly common within the media industry, and drone footage has been used for a number of TV programmes, including Planet Earth II from the BBC. Drones are also being used on a daily basis for photography and mapping purposes.

    Construction sites and health and safety inspections also feature the use of drones much more frequently.  They are a much safer tool to utilise at height or when surveying remote areas of the countryside.

    Drones are also likely to be used more frequently for parcel and food deliveries over the coming years. So obtaining your PfCO licence is highly likely to be an extremely wise career move in the long run.

    It seems quite clear that the use of drones has moved very far beyond the mere hobbyist utilisation and into the arena of big business.

    Some of the additional areas in which commercial drone businesses are currently operating include:

    • Aerial filmmaking
    • Agricultural inspections
    • Industrial observations
    • Weddings and special occasions
    • Looking for disease or pest infestations
    • Small business deliveries
    • Warehouse inventory management
    • Marketing campaigns, with drones displaying banners and shooting footage of campaigns as they happen
    • Fast food deliveries
    • Parcel deliveries, which are already being run on a trial basis by Amazon
    • Home inspections

    The commercial opportunities that drones open up are unlimited. So, it’s important to develop your niche business with this exciting new career as soon as possible.

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    Watch: What you need to start a commercial drone business

    COPTRZ UAV Strategist George Burne takes you through everything you will need to get your commercial drone business off the ground.

    OFQUAL Level 4 Accredited CAA Training Course

    COPTRZ are an approved NQE (National Qualification Examination) provider of a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) course. They are also the first business to be able to separately provide you with an academically registered qualification under OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) as a Level 4 award. That means if you choose COPTRZ for your PfCO, you’ll have the option to receive a vocational Level 4 award recognised across the board by employers in many sectors.

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