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Controlling the Skies. Drone Detection for Police Forces

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March 16, 2018


    The last few years have seen the rapid developments in drone technology, with a wide range of organisations in various commercial sectors embracing the benefits which drones can provide. This is in addition to a large number of hobbyist drone operators.

    With busier skies, comes the responsibility of tracking drone use and unmanned aircraft activity across the country. This ongoing duty is undertaken by police forces across the country, to who drone detection technology is a vital way of keeping control of our airspace. Drone detection systems allow forces to not only detect drones within a set area but also give them the advantage of many other pieces of real-time information about the drones which are being flown in a given jurisdiction.

    In 2018, with drone use on the up both commercially and independently, drone detection systems are not seen as a luxury for police forces in the UK; they are an absolute necessity. A wave of incidents such as those detailed in this report has seen drugs smuggled into prisons using drone flights, a problem which is said to have affected several penal institutions all over the country. In most cases, the perpetrators are never caught due to flying beyond visual line of sight. Aside from these serious prison issues, drones have also been used to disrupt high-profile events and crime scenes.

    Drone Detection For Police Forces

    Introducing AeroScope Drone Detection

    At COPTRZ, we have partnered with DJI to provide a system which provides a direct solution to the issue of drones which are disruptive or flown with illicit intent. DJI AeroScope is already providing police forces across the country – as well as other teams responsible for the security of high-risk sites and events – a suite of functions which come together to provide an integrated drone detection package.

    What Data can AeroScope Drone Detection Provide?

    By detection, that means being able to sense drones up to 20km away, giving system users ample time to prepare for a drone threat. But it is the range of other benefits which has made AeroScope the essential solution for those who require drone detection. Controller location can be identified using the system, presenting invaluable assistance to police forces who are hunting the perpetrators of illegal drone use and allowing them to apprehend suspects.

    But that’s not all – AeroScope is capable of telling its users the exact model of a detected drone, as well as its course, speed and altitude; allowing the nature of a drone threat to be weighed up in its entirety. The serial number of a detected drone with AeroScope could then be used as part of a custody trial or added to a database for future reference.

    AeroScope Data Capabilities

    AeroScope has been designed with versatility in mind, meaning a police force can find the drone detection system just as useful at a prison as they can at a station or force headquarters. AeroScope can also be used as a portable unit, being set up instantly at crime scenes and high-profile events, giving police forces a crucial level of responsiveness when they need it most.

    Watch the AeroScope Webinar

    Speak to the Drone Detection Experts

    At COPTRZ, we are determined to do our bit when it comes to allowing organisations to realise the full package of benefits offered by drone detection solutions. That means we are with you all the way; from an initial survey to installation and on-going maintenance when it is needed.

    The rapid advance of drone technology has been an exciting development, but while drones are flown by an ever-increasing number of operators, they become more open to abuse. Together, COPTRZ and DJI are putting control of the skies in the hands of those protecting the law, rather than those who are determined to break it.

    COPTRZ can help your Police Force protect from the threat of illegal drone activity. Contact us or call our friendly team on 0330 111 7177 to discuss your drone detection needs.


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