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April 16, 2021


    COPTRZ CON 2021: Meet your judges, and let us introduce the categories! 

    Do you want to be an award winning drone pilot? This could be your ticket to ensure you stand out from the crowd, and push you ahead of the competition. COPTRZ CON are proud to be hosting the 2021 COPTRZ CON awards on Thursday 29th of April at 6:30pm -where our judges will be recognising drones for good uses and rewarding people for their work with drones.

    COPTRZ CON 2021 is proud to announce the 2021 awards, in partnership with Airwards. Airwards is the first global digital awards scheme of its kind to recognise positive drone use cases.

    Entries for the COPTRZ CON Awards are now open!

    The categories for the 2021 COPTRZ CON awards range from recognising drones for good, to the most innovative drone service provider. COPTRZ CON Awards want to celebrate and recognise the future of UAVs.

    If you want to join us at the UK’s first ever 2-day digital drone demonstration event, you can secure your FREE ticket here.

    While our team of judges will be choosing the winners for the majority of the awards, there is the chance for you to nominate yourself, or someone you know, in our ‘People’s Choice Great Innovation Award’. The winner of the ‘People’s Choice Great Innovation Award’ will get a £1000 voucher to spend on any of our training courses at Coptrz Academy.

    The awards are:

    1. Stand out Student Award – The student who has completed their training fast and passed the exam first time round with the highest pass mark at Coptrz Academy
    2. Rising Star Award – The student who’s started their own drone business and is seeing awesome results
    3. Drones for Good Award: Protecting the Public – Someone who has used drones in a positive way to help the public – our industry expert for the public safety and military industry, Sam Denniff, will be nominating people for this award
    4. Drones for Good Award: Environment – Someone who has used drones in a positive way to protect the environment – our industry expert for the inspection industry, George Burne, will be nominating people for this award
    5. GOLD Award – Who has lived up to the COPTRZ GOLD values through their work with drones? (Grow, Outwork, Leverage, Disrupt)
    6. Trailblazer Award – This will go to the company or individual that has embraced drone technology and ran with it!
    7. People’s Choice Great Innovation Award – It’s over to you to nominate yourself, or someone you know, who is doing awesome things with drones. The winner of this award gets a £1000 voucher to spend at Coptrz Academy – so you can take your training to the next level. Entries are now open – you can submit your entry here.
      *Excludes IRed courses.

    Meet The Judges 

    The judges at the COPTRZ CON awards will be presenting the award for each category to the winner.

    Richard Nichols, Founder of Airwards

    Richard Nichols, founder of Airwards

    Richard is the founder of Airwards – the first global digital awards scheme of its kind to recognise positive drone use cases which are innovative, safe and have real world implications. Their vision is to have drones recognised for leading the way in every industry. Richard will joining us as a panellist in our very own COPTRZ Recognition Awards.

    Richard’s experience of launching, hosting and judging the first ever drone award programme will be invaluable when judging at the COPTRZ CON Awards. Richard will be looking for the best drone uses, positive drone uses and the best drone service provider.

    Richard commented: : “After the success of the first ever drone awards programme earlier this year, we are so proud to be collaborating with Coptrz to shine a light on even more people doing amazing things in the drone industry. We are excited to be able to showcase the work of people working across a range of sectors including inspection, surveying and even those using drones for unique things like performing search missions for lost dogs!”

    Steve Blair, Sales Manager at Coptrz

    Steve Blair, Sales Manager at Coptrz

    Steve joined the team at Coptrz in 2020 and has helped the likes of University of Leeds, University of Cambridge and Imperial College in London (to name a few) discover the potential of using drones within education. Steve knows the Coptrz values inside and out which will be crucial when deciding the winners for the Coptrz Academy and GOLD value award.

    Steve commented:  “I cannot wait to bring all the leaders from all sections of the drone industry together for COPTRZ CON. We are so excited to be the first in the industry to host a digital drone demonstration event. I am looking forward to hearing (and getting involved with) the debates from all the sections, and I wonder who will come out on top. I am particularly excited to be a judge for the awards and see all of the amazing talent that has come through Coptrz Academy.”

    Adam Watkins, founder of Aeromedia Wales 

    Adam Watkins, founder of Aeromedia Wales

    Adam’s passion for the hobby grew from the back of a love of film, media and radio controlled models. He started the flying hobby with gliders before quickly moving over to Nitro helicopters. Now, as well as running a very busy and successful drone business, Adam gets sent race drones and DJI equipment to test and review for product development and marketing. Over the years Adam had upgraded many times, sticking with the DJI brand and also building a number of race drones and large scale helicopters. Adam likes the work with the DJI camera drones but also enjoys the racers and helicopters for recreational time. Adam is looking to get his youngest Son Miles into the hobby and at only six years old, he enjoys flying his toy drones and helicopters.

    Adam commented: “I have always been interested in radio controlled models and have since the age of ten, been flying planes and helicopters and since the introduction of drones, been flying cameras to. I trained with Coptrz and have been running my own drone company and cover construction site and tv work. I’m also part of the Coptrz Training Team and mainly cover practical’s exams and product handovers. I am excited at the opportunity to judge the Coptrz Academy students and all of the incredible talent that has come through the doors.”

    Submit your entries now 

    If you would like to nominate someone, or yourself, for the People’s Choice Great Innovation Award, you can submit your entries here. There are a few questions you will need to answer about how you/your nomination are using drones.

    We look forward to seeing you all at COPTRZ CON 2021 and hosting our very first awards show – we can’t wait to crown the winners!


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