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DJI’s Game-Changing Firmware 7.1 Update is Here

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October 12, 2023


    In the fast-paced world of drone technology, DJI continues to lead the charge. The Firmware 7.1 update for Enterprise drones is here, and it’s nothing short of revolutionary. Let’s delve into the groundbreaking features that are set to transform the aerial landscape for enterprises.


    Geocaging: Mastery Over Your Airspace

    Managing drone operations across vast worksites can be challenging. Enter Geocaging for FlightHub 2, DJI Dock, and M30 Series. This feature empowers businesses to define restricted fly-zones, ensuring drones operate within designated areas. Whether inspecting critical assets or setting boundaries for Beyond Line of Sight (BLVOS) operations, Geocaging offers unparalleled control.

    Compatible Solutions: DJI’s FlightHub 2 and DJI Dock are designed to work seamlessly with the M30 Series, offering an integrated solution for advanced geocaging capabilities.

    AirSense Display: Safety First, Always

    The skies are bustling, but with the AirSense Display on FlightHub 2 and DJI Dock, you’re always informed. Using ADS-B In technology, DJI AirSense alerts operators about nearby manned aircraft with ADS-B Out transmitters, ensuring that potential aerial threats are detected in real-time.

    Compatible Solutions: DJI’s AirSense technology is compatible with a range of DJI drones, ensuring enhanced safety across various models.


    FlightHub 2 Live Flight Controls: Command from the Cloud

    The Live Flight Controls of DJI FlightHub 2 have undergone a significant transformation, ensuring that users have unparalleled control and flexibility during their aerial operations. Let’s delve deeper into some of the standout features:

    PDSK Control: Harnessing Advanced Payloads

    The Payload SDK (PDSK) integration in the M30 Series Dock Version aircraft has opened up a world of possibilities. Users can now seamlessly control a variety of payloads, from high-decibel speakers for emergency announcements to powerful spotlights for nighttime operations. This integration ensures that enterprises can customize their drones to suit specific operational needs, making missions more efficient and versatile.

    Thermal Palette: A New Perspective from Above and SBS View

    Thermal imaging is a game-changer in drone operations, especially in sectors like search and rescue, agriculture, and infrastructure inspection. With the enhanced FlightHub 2 controls, operators can effortlessly switch between different thermal palette options, tailoring the imaging to the task at hand. Whether it’s identifying heat signatures in a dense forest or detecting water leaks on a vast farmland, the thermal palette ensures that nothing remains hidden from view. Additionally, the Side-by-Side view allows simultaneous viewing of infrared and visual feeds, providing a comprehensive perspective of the terrain below.

    RNG (Laser Rangefinder) and PinPoint: Precision at Your Fingertips

    Distance measurement and location marking are critical in many drone operations. The integration of a laser rangefinder in the M30 Series/H20T ensures that users can accurately measure distances to specific objects or locations. Whether it’s determining the height of a building or the distance to a stranded hiker, the RNG provides precise data in real-time.

    Furthermore, the PinPoint feature enhances operational accuracy. By simply pressing on the diamond icon, operators can mark specific objects or locations during a mission. This is especially useful during patrol or inspection missions, allowing teams to highlight points of interest or potential hazards.

    Together, these features ensure that DJI FlightHub 2 offers a comprehensive and intuitive control system, empowering users to execute missions with precision and confidence.

    Compatible Solutions: DJI’s FlightHub 2 is designed to integrate seamlessly with Payload SDK-supported devices, ensuring a wide range of operational capabilities.


    Offline Geofencing: Unleash the Power of Flexibility

    For those venturing into remote areas or prioritising data security, DJI has introduced offline geofencing unlocking. Transfer the unlocking certificate to the remote controller using an SD card and activate it via the DJI Pilot 2 app. It’s all about ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted, no matter where you are.


    Pinpoint Coordinates Sharing: Collaboration Made Easy

    In critical operations, sharing precise locations swiftly is paramount. With DJI Pilot 2, share pinpoint locations via a scannable QR code, allowing team members to access coordinates on their phone map apps instantly.


    Mission Planning: Streamlined and Intuitive

    The DJI Pilot 2 app’s mission planning interface has been optimised for ease of use. From merging mapping modes to introducing a search function and allowing users to define mapping areas by selecting vertex locations, planning has never been this efficient.

    Beyond these enhancements, the app now offers a unified vision by seamlessly adapting to various mission requirements, be it linear flights or grid-based mapping. The addition of a quick-access search function ensures operators can pinpoint specific locations or landmarks instantly. Furthermore, the precision in defining mapping areas ensures optimal battery usage and data accuracy, making the entire planning process more effective and user-friendly.

    Compatible Solutions: The DJI Pilot 2 app is compatible with a wide range of DJI drones, ensuring a consistent planning experience across devices.


    Safe RTH and Safe Resume: Intelligent Navigation

    Waypoint missions are now smarter with the ability to tag waypoints as “No-Return Points.” These points guide the drone to discard the typical Return To Home (RTH) route in complex environments, ensuring a safer return path.

    Gimbal Precision with POI Orbit

    For the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series users, the ability to set specific gimbal angles during POI Orbit operations ensures that capturing dynamic shots is smoother than ever.

    Developer Upgrades: Pushing the Boundaries

    Innovation meets application with the DJI Dock’s new edge computing expansion slot. From media file pre-processing to advanced operational functionalities, the sky’s the limit for developers.


    DJI’s Firmware 7.1 is more than just an update; it’s a testament to DJI’s commitment to innovation, safety, and providing unparalleled user experiences. As the drone industry evolves, DJI remains at the forefront, ensuring that enterprises are always equipped with the best.


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