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DJI XT Pro iOS App Released

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July 4, 2017


    COPTRZ are pleased to announce that DJI has released the new DJI XT Pro App, designed to empower Zenmuse XT users by giving them a more simple, streamlined method of capturing thermal imaging data.

    The use of thermal imaging with drones is rapidly increasing, with Fire Services, Search and Rescue and Police Forces beginning to carry thermal imaging drones as part of their everyday kit.

    The DJI XT Pro app will simplify the process of capturing data with the Zenmuse XT by focusing on thermal settings and leaving the majority of interaction with the controller. Ultimately this will allow users to arrive at the site with their settings pre-established and quickly gain valuable thermal data.


    View near real-time image transmission from your DJI Zenmuse XT equipped drone

    Similar to other DJI app offerings, the XT Pro app will give users a view and key telemetry data from their flying Zenmuse XT equipped drone.

    Observe temperature estimates on-screen

    The XT Pro app shows the estimated temperature of the area at the center of the screen. This can be toggled off or, for the radiometric Zenmuse XT models, users will be able to click anywhere on the screen to view of a temperature estimate of the corresponding region.

    Switch between color palettes to best visualize thermal data for your mission type

    12 easily selectable color palettes are included in the app which apply different false-color rules to the thermal data collected by the Zenmuse XT image. Users are presented with several templates that will help them more quickly visualize their thermal data. This includes everything from White Hot (where black is colder and white is hotter) to Fusion (where purple is colder and yellow is hotter).

    Adjust isotherm controls to quickly spot what’s important for your mission

    With the XT Pro app, users can now set isotherms, where they identify minimum and maximum temperature parameters. The app will then focus the majority of the color spectrum – determined by the users’ selected color palette – to fit within these specified temperature parameters. This will help pilots across a variety of mission profiles with quickly identifying problem areas.


    Mobile device compatibility

    The XT Pro app can be used on mobile devices running iOS 9.3 or later software. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    Drone compatibility

    The DJI XT Pro app will work with Matrice series drones (M100, M200 Series, M600) and the Inspire 1.

    When using the Matrice 200 Series drones please note that you will be unable to view a visual feed from the FPV camera and/or a secondary camera.


    Electrical Inspections – work near power lines and other electrical systems can be done quicker with the XT Pro app as adjusting Isotherm controls and color palettes can let pilots more quickly identify overheating elements.

    Photovoltaic panel Inspections – quickly spot overheating elements and underperforming panels to plan maintenance by tuning your XT camera’s settings with XT Pro

    Public Safety – Whether it’s identifying the growth of a fire, spotting lost persons among rubble or identifying hostiles, the XT Pro app allows public safety organizations to more quickly gather and understand thermal data. When time is of the essence, having your teams’ thermal view properly displayed can save lives.


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