DJI Phantom 4 vs DJI Phantom 5

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November 15, 2017


On November 28th, DJI announced the launch of the much-anticipated Phantom 5 drone. Based on the popular Phantom 4 Pro the new model takes the same path as DJI’s most recent launch the Mavic 2 by offering a choice of image sensing equipment.

This addresses one of the biggest complaints commercial operators have with the Phantom 4 Pro. Namely that its restricted payload options limited its use for videography applications. This is not surprising since the Phantom 4 platform was initially designed as a hobbyist drone.

By making a wider range of camera and lens options available along with improving the drone’s flight performance characteristics. DJI has made the Phantom 5 drone more appealing to commercial operators.

So in this blog, we are going to look at how the new Phantom 5 stacks up against the established Phantom 4 Pro. We’ll examine the new camera options on the Phantom 5 and we’ll talk about the drone’s upgraded performance. This should help you make a decision as to whether it’s worth upgrading your old Phantom 4 Pro for the new model.


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