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DJI has launched its first DELIVERY drone

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January 12, 2024

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    Prepare to be amazed! DJI, the global powerhouse in civil drones and camera technology, has just unveiled its game-changing innovation – the DJI FlyCart 30 (FC30). This isn’t just any drone; it’s a high-flying superhero in the world of aerial delivery, poised to disrupt the traditional transport landscape. Picture a world where deliveries soar through the sky, effortlessly reaching remote and challenging locations. That’s precisely what the FlyCart 30 promises – a technological marvel that’s set to redefine the future of deliveries!

    DJI has already transformed industries like agriculture and construction, but with the FlyCart 30, they’re taking it to a whole new level. This drone isn’t just about logistics; it’s about conquering the impossible, delivering goods to the most remote and rugged terrains, all while prioritising efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and, most importantly, safety.


    The FlyCart 30: The Future of SkyMail

    High Performance and Payload Capacity:

    • Coaxial four-axis, eight-blade design with carbon fiber propellers.
    • Impressive 20 m/s maximum flight speed.
    • Dual-battery setup for carrying 30 kg payloads over 16 km.
    • Emergency single-battery mode for 40 kg payloads over 8 km.


    Versatility in Challenging Environments:

    • IP55 protection, operational range from -20° to 45° C, and tolerance for winds up to 12 m/s.
    • Propellers optimised for altitudes from 0-6,000 m, supporting flight up to 3,000 m with a 30 kg payload.
    • Self-heating batteries for peak performance in cold conditions.

    Enhanced Safety and Reliability:

    • Comprehensive safety features including pre-flight assessments based on environmental conditions.
    • Advanced radar and vision systems for all-weather obstacle sensing.
    • Integrated ADS-B signal receiver for timely warnings of nearby crewed aircraft.
    • Emergency parachute for stable landings and protection of people and property.

    Flexible Configurations for Various Needs:

    • Foldable design for easy transport in standard-sized vehicles.
    • Cargo mode with a 70-litre case and weight
    • Winch mode with a 20m retractable cable for deliveries to areas without convenient landing sites, capable of carrying 40 kg.


    Comprehensive Software Suite for Seamless Operations:

    • DJI DeliveryHub for planning, monitoring, team management, and data analysis.
    • DJI Pilot 2 for manual flight control, real-time status updates, and cargo monitoring.
    • Integration capabilities with external cloud platforms and payloads for industry-specific applications.

    What can the FlyCart 30 be used for:

    Remote Deliveries: Sending crucial supplies to isolated and remote areas in a fraction of the time.

    Offshore Deliveries: This could be a game-changer beyond the logistics sector. The FlyCart 30 could be used to deliver important equipment to offshore oil rigs in the middle of the ocean.

    Emergency Lifesaver: The FlyCart 30 has the potential to be a life-saver in disaster-stricken areas. It not only makes the delivery of supplies more efficient but also reduces risk in hazardous environments.


    But, is this all possible?

    To fully harness the capabilities of FlyCart 30 drone deliveries across vast skies, the legalisation of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight is essential. BVLOS allows drones to operate beyond the operator’s visual range, extending their capabilities beyond current visual line of sight (VLOS) limitations

    As of now, BVLOS drone flights are not broadly authorised. However, if legalised, it could transform the drone industry by enabling longer-range missions and more complex operations.

    Legalising BVLOS would open doors for diverse applications, including drone delivery services, extensive agricultural surveys, and advanced emergency response operations.

    Exciting news! It may not be as far away as you think…

    The UK Civil Aviation Authority have announced six trial projects to advance BVLOS drone flights and medical deliveries. These trials, conducted in controlled environments or “sandboxes,” aim to align new technologies with existing regulations, focusing on the use of temporary reserved areas (TRAs) for safe drone operation in shared airspace.

    DJI Dock

    The prospects for enhancing public safety through BVLOS drone operations and the CAA RPAS Integration Sandbox are highly encouraging, and the upcoming year promises to be filled with excitement. This technology marks a substantial stride toward a safer and more efficient future.


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