DJI drones: 7 amazing facts you didn’t know about them

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December 21, 2016


Here at COPTRZ, we offer a wide range of DJI drones that differ in both features and price points. We would, without hesitation, recommend that you carefully peruse the selection of these drones listed on our website. Before that, though, you can read several awesome facts about DJI drones – facts that you might never have known about these products.

DJI drones are the iPhones of the drone market

Much like a wide range of companies are willing to provide software for the iPhone, including Apple’s major rivals like Microsoft and Google, every significant drone software provider, The Verge reports, aims to integrate their software with their mobile app and SDK. The result is that, by buying a DJI drone, you should be able to enjoy the best of many worlds.

New DJI drones are released regularly

A good reason to keep a close eye on the range of DJI drones available is that it is regularly added to. By way of example, DJI released new versions of its Phantom, Inspire and Matrice drones in November, while it introduced a completely new drone line, the Mavic, in October.

DJI drones are unrivalled in the mid-price bracket

While, as The Verge points out, there are some very sophisticated drones that can match DJI drones’ capabilities, those competing drones can cost several times more than DJI alternatives. This means that DJI is unchallenged in the market for mid-priced but high-quality drones.

DJI drones’ features look likely to even further diversify  

Returning to the iPhone comparison, much like Apple has brought exciting features like the fingerprint sensor and Apple Pay from the iPhone to other product lines, DJI has taken key attractions of its Phantom drones and put them in the Inspire and Mavic lines. This bodes well for DJI’s ability to continue improving its drones across the range.

A great DJI drone isn’t necessarily out of your financial reach

While DJI has never released a drone that, right from the start, was priced at the low end of the market, that doesn’t strictly mean that you won’t be able to afford one of their drones, even if your financial situation is under strain. That’s because DJI has discounted prices of older models.

You can choose from lots of add-on cameras for a DJI drone

Capturing a variety of types of video and imagery with a DJI drone is certainly possible. This is all thanks to the broad choice of optional cameras that you can buy to integrate with this drone. Just peruse the DJI drone payloads that we list on our website to see what we mean.

You could realise amazing possibilities through the use of a DJI drone

Staying on the subject of a camera-equipped DJI drone, why don’t you try using exactly that to film an exciting advert? The widespread use of the Internet and smartphones has made video marketing especially accessible. We’ve even given it a good go, with our very modern take on the Milk Tray Man! All because the lady loves… a DJI drone.

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