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COPTRZ DRONE-FLX Leasing Solution Now Available

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January 9, 2018


    COPTRZ has today announced the release of DRONE-FLX, an industry-first leasing solution that provides a cost-effective way for businesses and public bodies to enjoy the benefits of the latest drone technology.

    With costs spread over a three-year period, the latest drone hardware can be bundled with training and software to enable an effective drone strategy that can be paid for on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. After three years, the equipment is simply exchanged for the latest technology, handed back or the agreement can be extended at a reduced rate.

    Steve Coulson, COPTRZ Founder and Managing Director, explains: “The commercial use of drones has skyrocketed over the past 12 months as businesses have realised their worth in providing faster, cheaper and safer operations. Despite this, there are still many organisations who cannot access the benefits due to the up-front investment required. COPTRZ have developed DRONE-FLX with the aim of making drone technology accessible and cost-effective for enterprises. Some of the most advanced commercial drones on the market, including the DJI M210, WIND series, GRIFF heavy lift, Wingtra, Aerialtronics, AceCore and various thermal cameras are included in the DRONE-FLX model for as little as £200 per month with no upfront cost.” 

    DRONE-FLX is the first of its kind in the UK and is expected to be popular with those who want to stay at the forefront of drone technology with a hassle-free way of upgrading to the latest kit at the end of the initial contract period.

    DRONE-FLX leasing can be applied for in a matter of minutes and is totally compliant under IAS17. To find out more about DRONE-FLX, contact us or call 0330 111 7177


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